21 Day Detox Madness

For those of you who have not yet made the transition, you can catch me at Jnwelsh.com I’m still going guys!

JN Welsh

I started a 21 Day Detox called the Ultimate Reset on January 1st.  I had to stop the bleeding from the holidays, but more than that, I had read so many good things about the detox that I thought it was a great way to start 2015.

As a writer that sits most of the time (or on my bed cross-legged as I write the yummy stuff, I know that we as a group tend to struggle with weight, so I try my best to do what I can to travel through life with a healthy mind, body and spirit and encourage other do that.  In addition to being a writer I am also a wellness coach, helping those around me understand the connection between good health (fitness and nutrition) and achieving your goals!

The detox was VERY challenging in the beginning. I laugh at my first video because I went…

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Not Quite 365 Days – Journal Entry – November 27 through December 261

Nov 27 – December 31 –  Days 298 thru 361

A Year of Results
What a year it has been!  I know I am not quite there, but it’s ok. I must say that the journey this year has had its highs and lows.  I didn’t finish the year off as strong as I would have liked.  Old habits die-hard and I didn’t have exercise to back me up for the last month due to a knee/hamstring injury I have been nursing.
Nutrition and exercise work hand in hand, but I really needed to put the fork down at some points!! LOL.  However, I am not  discouraged!  I have lost 53 lbs this year!  Whoohoo!  I know I can get to my goal in 2015.
Thanks to everyone who had helped support me this year.  You likes and comments really kept me going and I appreciate it so much.
PiYo To the Rescue
I started doing PiYo and though it’s different from what I’m used to, I love it and I NEED it!  I feel like I am getting strong with it.  I still get after workout pain, but it doesn’t last and I feel more loose throughout the rest of the day.  I sweat a lot doing PiYo which is an amazing.  It really is all about building strength and flexibility to help you with other workouts, running and athletics.  I see the beauty!
Final Results
Weight loss:  53 lbs. down!
Waist: 7.5 inches
Chest: 3.75
Right Arm: 3.25
Left Arm: 2.75
Right Thigh: 5.5
Right Thigh: 5.5
(total inches 28.25 – WHHAAAAHHHTTT?)
What I Have Learned
I have learned that I am a strong woman who can over come the obstacles before me. I have a drive and laser like focus when I’m working out that is pretty crazy!  I have truly learned to love the challenge!  It’s almost like an addiction that I’m ok with. haha I have done some things in my workouts that I have literally watched on TV and said, “Chyah, right!”  This year I was doing them.
I learned that even though I have developed some great habits, I still have a lot to overcome because old habits like to creep back up on me from time to time.  I have also learned that support and accountability is so important and though I started my journey without it, I couldn’t have gotten this far without it!
So the journey continues.
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THIS JOURNEY!!  My fitness journey for 2015 will continue on JN Welsh Blog mostly so I hope you guys follow me there as well.
Wishing you all the best for an awesome 2015!

Where The Hell Have I Been!!??!! Journal Entry October 28 through November 26

Oct 28–Nov 26 –  Days 297 thru 326

P90X3  – Block 3 VICTORY WEEK!

Yeah…That’s right!  I am in Victory Week.  I am so sorry that I have been MIA on the blog scene and not giving you updates.  I’m doing ok. Not as great as I should, but I haven’t quite been suffering in silence, so much as I have just not been respectful of my machine (body) on the nutrition front.

My body is the hardest it has ever been and I can see my muscles. So though I still have to lose about 19 lbs to get to my holiday 20 ( a little yo-yo effect there), I have made some real strides with my fitness.  Hell, I’m doing pull-ups, chin-ups, crawly and military push ups and some crazy balancing things.  Check me out!


I have to remember where I came from and where I am now.  I’m not giving up because even if I don’t hit 20, I’m hitting something! IT AIN’T OVER!


National Novel Writing Month

So where the heck have I been if I was still doing my workouts and stuff?  Well November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I took it upon myself, as a professional writer to embark on writing two(2) books in my series, each at 75K words, in thirty days (5k words a day). NaNo consider 50K words in 30 Days a challenge so you can see how big and hairy my goal for this month IS, because it’s not over yet.  Technically, I won it already, but my goal is still incomplete.  Here’s my validated sticker. Yay me!


I have been writing all day, everyday and have been helping my challengers to reach their fitness goals as well.  I’ve been having a blast, even with the positive pressure, but not a day went by when I was like, but …but…. my blog followers!  You were well thought of.  With Thanksgiving approaching I had to reconnect, even though I might be buried in my hole for yet a few more days.  I am so thankful for all of you who follow me and are like…where the heck is she?

Weigh in

I couldn’t figure this out, even if I tried.  Actually I think over the month I lost 7lbs then gained 9 which puts me at losing 1lb toward my holiday 20. It’s still progress, just not in the way I would have liked.

I have decided that I am going to post my weight loss/gain as it relates to the Holiday 20 goal from now through the end of the year to keep it super simple.

Then at the end of the year, I’m going to give you the year’s summary.  OMG!! I can’t wait. Best Christmas gift coming up EVER!!

5 Day Free Clean Eating Challenge

We all need a little help sometimes and when you can do it with others it is great for accountability.  So I am doing a Free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge which will help me loads and I hope will be beneficial to you as well.

It’s all done online via a secret Facebook group and there is no obligation to continue after the 5 Days.  It’s a sweet deal. So if you are interested, please leave a message in the comments for me or reach out to me via my fitness community at: http://www.Facebook.com/KindredFitness

I hope to see you there and please feel free to share and don’t for get to “Like” the community page for future updates!  You can also like it in the menu to the left!

5 DayClean EatingChallenge



Journal Entry – October 16 through 27

Oct 16 thru Oct 27– Days 285 thru  296

P90x3 Weeks 7 & 8

I am in my last Block of P90x3!  I have been feeling good and I can see some changes but I’m waiting until the end.  It’s kind of like waiting to open a Christmas present! ME!!!  I know it is only 3 months and the weight-loss is slow and steady, but it is still progress which I am really happy about.

This last week (week 8), I really upped my game.  I started a really clean eating menu during my transition week (week 8) and I really made some progress.  It was really low in calorie count and had nothing processed really.  Though the calorie count was low, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything at all (except when people asked me too many questions about what I could eat!)

My only really challenging moments came when I had a passing bug.  I had a slight fever and I refused to take any medicine or vitamin C because I didn’t want to mess up the diet. Also doctor told me to stop taking Tylenol when I got a fever unless it was 102.  I am not your doctor and I am not prescribing that you do this, but I listened to her.  Low and behold my bug was over in 48 hours.  I still had some fatigue but I was on the mend!

Weigh In,  Say What?

So how did this week’s weigh in go?

8 lb loss

It was pretty cool to lose that much in a week, but don’t kid yourself if you think that it’s going to stay that way.  Given the calorie deficit of this diet it is only natural that even when increasing slowly that I will gain some of it back.  Don’t be surprised if I report a bit of a gain next week.  In the end it will probably round off to about a 4 or 5 lb loss, which is still GREAT!  I’ll take it.  That’s 5 lbs. toward my Holiday 20 goal!  I’m already ahead of the game.

Free Clean Eating Challenge Starting November 3rd

If anyone is interested in getting similar results and cleaning up your food intake, I want to let you know that I am hosting a FREE Clean Eating Challenge group!  There is not purchase involved.  Post in the comments below if you are interested or click the menu to the right and message me on Facebook and I will give you some simple instructions on how to join!  It’s SOOOOOO much fun!  LOL

Here’s a Vegan Halloween Treat

Remember that vegan cooking class I took this summer?  Well, it has come in pretty handy so far.  So, in the spirit of  Halloween, here is a yummy ghostly treat that is sure to please!  If you make it, tell me how yours came out!  Enjoy and make it a super fun holiday!