New Year’s Resolution

Year after year I tied to stick to the resolutions I would make each December 31st. Without fail, they would start out with vigor and childish enthusiasm. They were the usual:quit smoking, lose weight, study a martial art, etc.. Naturally, once the novelty wore off, I would be back to square one.

Over the years I was able to quit smoking and lose some weight but it was always when I was relaxed and made the choice without pressure. So, I gave up the resolutions for a few years.

That was until December 31, 2009.

On the fly, I made two resolutions that I thought were for me. They were fun, they took discipline, yet they would make me feel good and look good. They would support health – emotional and physical and these two small resolutions would release feel good hormones and help me tune into primal behavior. What were the resolutions?

To wear make up and heels 5 times a week.

Sounds simple but for someone like me this poses challenges. Putting aside the fact that I am neither an early riser (to put my face on), nor do I have a superfabulous shoe collection, I am what my resolutions are; simple (and all natural by the way).

Since the year has begun, I have been sucessful. Many friends check in daily to make sure I’m keeping myself up. It makes me laugh and I love to laugh. So far it’s been a good thing, prompting girl talk with friends and monthly pedicures, but it also allows me to focus on myself, LOOK at myself and think about my appearence, which I rarely do. I have already improved for 2010!

I guess my feeling about resolutions now, unlike before is that they should feel good and improve you, not stress you out. No long-lasting progress comes from that at least not for me.


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