It’s all about me!

My friend gave me this calendar to use for the year entitled. “It’s all about me this year.”  This is todays entry.  I had to share because my level of hotness today on a scale of 1-5 was a 7…trust and believe.  I rocked a pair of knee-high boots that took sexy, for me, to another level.

This is very funny because I’m very humble and shy away from things like this but I am turning over a new leaf.  Want evidence.  Look above.  I would NEVER show that to anyone and I’m sharing!

Today, however was not all about me was it.  It was about a greater accomplishment by a man named Martin Luther King Jr..  So I wanted to say a few words about that.  My day seemed normal for the most part.  I didn’t attend church or a special event.  Though there were televised movies associated with the Civil Rights Movement, I did not watch them.

My focus, as it has been for many people, was Haiti.  It is hard for me, like others, to watch and feel helpless.  To know that even though I would get on a plane tomorrow, forsake my job and materials to go and help rebuild the country, that the most helpful thing I can do right now is donate money to the cause.  I have little, so I donate as much as I can without going into the red.  It offers me little comfort to know that all I can do is donate what I don’t have and still have access to food, water, medicine, a job and most importantly a roof over my head. 

So I pray that more people give and we raise enough money – together – to make a difference.  I watched CNN today and I hear the numbers of donations reach higher and higher and think, we are working together to make a difference.  Working together to make a difference. Wasn’t that all Martin Luther King Jr. ever really wanted?  I think he would be proud of how many of us have stepped up to the plate to do the right thing.  There will always be naysayers – “America should focus on America” – but I successfully tune them out and remember that we are human, we have hearts and our hearts lead us take care of each other, no matter what part of the world we live in.  So, I hope we continue

So, as we continue to work together to make a difference, we ARE keeping his dream alive.


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