My new shoes

This here is some funny s#!t!

I must say that with this new year’s resolution I have been exploring the “other side” when it comes to shoes.  I went to the Marshall’s Super Store today and tried on these Paris Hilton heels that were really gorgeous, but I couldn’t have made to  my car in them, much less wear them anywhere.  They were so pretty, but I had to pass 😦

Disappointing, yes, but fear not!  I found these beauties (shown above).  I know they are black (which is my default color), but check them out.  Not bad, right?  So, here is where it get interesting.  About 20 minutes ago, I’m listening to a video music mix and a Lady Gaga comes on; you know the one, “Bad Romance” (Ra-ra-ro-ma-ma).” 

If you are thinking what happened next, you would be right. 

I put the heels on and I am dancing my ass of in these new black, somewhat S&M, booties to this song, in my room!  Oh, and it gets better!  The music mix continues with “Sexy Chick” by David Guerta featuring Akon.  I should have been in a club at that moment, cause I was seriously working up a sweat!  I strongly suggest you try this at home.

I was looking in the mirror with a big cheesy smile on and was like…you still still got it, baby.  It never left you.  Even without the new year’s resolution, you are still one sexy chick!  DAMN GURL!


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