Jen O’clock

I must say, I have been selling myself short.  One of my many problems is getting up in the morning.  I mean this is truly a problem, most if not all the people who know me will tell you, that I am not a morning person.  So, I have decided that I would follow the advice of one lovely article and practice waking up to an alarm. I know it sounds silly, but read the article and you’ll see.

The concept of waking up at 6:00am or earlier truly does hurt my feelings.  The last time I wanted to wake up at that hour was in elementary school when I was the first person in the school yard.  Why?  I have no idea, but that quickly changed in high school, perpetuated itself in college and continued on through grad school, my work years and presently.  The alarm actually has created the “snooze and go back to sleep” habit instead of one that makes me wake up to a fine fresh morning, no matter the season!

So, I am trying to convince myself into thinking that 6:00am or earlier is Jen O’clock.  A time when I can get up and chillax.  Do whatever the eff I want and enjoy some me time.  Not to answer emails and make more time for work.  This is the time high stimulating activities like exercise and sitting down with a cup of tea and for breakfast (not to mention make-up).  Maybe even a time for me to jot down some lines of poetry or poignant thoughts.  A time for me to enjoy my day as it should be before I let such depressing thoughts as work or relationships (or lack thereof) get me down and/or rile me up!

So I am declaring it.  6:00am is Jen o’clock.  I’ll give you an update on how this goes.  Wish me luck peeps!


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