The best thing ever!

The area I live in is quite small.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like vacuuming and lugging the base and the hose and the attachments.  You guessed it; the vacuum I normally use is an ol’ skool Electorlux. 

One day, in a jiffy to clean up,  I decided that I  needed to get all the lint and hair off the carpet and low and behold a lint roller was there.  So I used it.  It worked wonderfully.  Some might say that this is laziness, but really, using a lint roller to clean your carpet, instead of a vacuum, is a WORKOUT!

While shopping today I needed to get another lint roller; not just for the floor, but for my clothes also.  There shining down on me (imagine the sound of a choir in the background). was a lint roller attached to a stick, so that you could used it like a handy mop or broom!  I was truly like, this is the best thing ever.

Who needs a vacuum, when you have a lint roller broom! Try it!  You’ll like it! LOL!



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