My hair

My hair is beautiful. 


Growing up, I don’t think I ever realized just how beautiful it was until recently. 

Throughout my life, I have straightened my hair, colored it all shades, braided it, weaved it and even, most recently, wigged it. 

I’m sure that my future holds more hair changes, but I am not sure if I ever want to change its natural texture ever again, which is the hot style I rock right now. 

What looks like a coarse, kinky mess is really soft, tight, beautiful curls. I can look at it for hours, pulling each tendril then letting it go and watching it curl back. 

Shirley Temple curls ain’t got nothing on me! 

I can run my fingers over these curls endlessly, all the while just amazed by what it does and how long it actually is when I pull the curls (about shoulder-length, I kid you not). I love the hair of my friends and they are of all nationalities, but I mean it when I say that I LOVE my hair… 

…better than anyone else’s. 







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