C’mon March 20th

Generally, I am a fan of the snow.  I actually pray for a white Christmas. At my age, I still enjoy playing in it and making snow angels and stuff, but mother nature has given us some snow this winter and we are ill-equiped to deal with it here in the big city.

Don’t get me wrong, NYC does alright, the people in houses without a snow blower and ol’ skool shovels….not so much with the amounts we have gotten thus far.

I am also tired of the “do I go to work or work from home” or the “do I risk my life on the roads today or be safe,” conversations I have with myself.

I’m tired of missing dance classes and most of all shoveling close to 2 feet of snow over and over and over again just to clear my damn long driveway.  I have elderly parents and their safety comes first so I shovel and shovel, then shovel some more.  After that I clean off my car (because now I can actually get to it), then once again shovel only to now have to salt everywhere so that neither I, nor anyone else, bust my a$$ on ice.  NIIIIICCCZZZ!

So, though I am happy for the change of season and the first snow, now it has “gots to go!”

Say it with me….”C’mon March 20th.  Bring on the Springtime!”


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