Chivalry Makes the World a Better Place

Chivalry really does make the world a better place.  So, do manners. I know that with “the rise” of women (I put that in quotes because we hav e always been and will always be equal, it’s just that in the past “forces” (ie men and politics wouldn’t let us), it seems that either men were not taught to be chivalrous and women were not taught that is a standard; NOT SHOULD be the standard, IS the standard. 

If you didn’t know that this was a standard, then allow me to school you because this is really pissing me off something fierce, especially, when it comes from grown a$$ men.  The ones that are suppose to show the younger generation how it is done.  Try to bear with me for a minute because I have to contain myself.   Seriously, you have to know better and do better.  It is not politically incorrect to hold the door open for a woman and be chivalrous or just hold the damn door open – those are good manners; so are please and thank you!  These are jus some simple standards.

Must say… I am spoiled.  I have chivalrous men in my life that hold the  door open for me , walk on the street side, hold my bag for me if it is too heavy, are protective and sit facing the  larger part of the restaurant and are “hunter gatherers,” but the rest of the time I have to deal with busters who make me want to stand there and say…”Seriously?  Really.  Really! Wow.”

Ladies, I have a bone to pick with you also.  Expect men to be chivalrous and also let them be it.  So many times we don’t allow men to just be men.  We have to wrestle with them in the work place so that we can advance given the bureaucracy, but all other times, please…let them be men and expect it.  Try not to have such a big chip on your shoulder and always be like, “I can hold my own freakin’ door or I can carry my own damn groceries.”  Yes, we know you can!  I know I can and I do it most of the time, but when men are around they should really step up because it does feel good and it does make the world better.

Men,  you are sooooo missing the boat on this one.  These simple acts don’t make you a punk or the other “P” word.  It is guaranteed to get you more dates and make you feel better, but that is another blog. 

Everyone, please utilize your manners.  Chew with your mouth closed, say your please and thank yous, smile and say good morning to your coworkers or people you make eye contact with on the streets (on this last one use your best judgement, you don’t want a stalker).  Chivalry makes the world a better place and manners help us to play with each other better, especially children, so teach them too. 

Don’t make me open a finishing school!  Do it!


5 thoughts on “Chivalry Makes the World a Better Place

  1. Great post! Couldn’t agree with you more!

    Men forget that we do need to feel like women and we deserve that respect. Opening doors and pulling chairs makes you more of a man not less!

  2. Manners are the social lubricant that greases the wheels of society!!! (I think Kramer on Seinfeld said this…..)

    If you opened Miss Jen’s School for Social Betterment, that would be ever so awesome!!!!

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