Dig In!

Photo by Jennifer N. Welsh

Photo by Jennifer N. Welsh

Doesn’t this picture just make your mouth water?  I have decided to dedicate a portion of blog to what I am calling The Green Plate series.  It will focus on healthy eating for the most part with perhaps some not so Green Plates thrown in every once in a while. 🙂

I was inspired to make this very yummy and beautiful lunch yesterday.  The day was gray and ugly with the threat of yet more snow.  So I thought to myself, let’s brighten it up and will in the spring!


Spinach salad, tomatoes and avocado salad with Goddess salad dressing

Buttermilk oven-fried chicken strips

This was quite yummy, especially since I made the chicken strips with cornflakes.  Let me tell you about it!

The tanginess of the tomatoes, creaminess of the avocados, and green earthiness of the spinach was very refreshing and reminded me of summer.  Forget spring!   The chicken, simply put was like eating a savory candy bar; crunchy corn crust on the outside and tenderized buttermilk spiciness on the inside.  Oh I didn’t tell you that I added hot sauce to the butter milk to give it the kick I like.

If you like this dish, just click on the links under the menu to get you started. Follow them to the letter or if you’re like me, read them, get an idea, and then do your own thing!

Dig in!


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