Hello all!

I have slowed my entries a bit but stay connected! I have a couple things coming your way. Of course there will be more Green Plates as well as my usual random ramblings and “deep” thoughts!!

I wanted to share a few blessings with you! Of course first and foremost is the super weather we have had with the exception of some days here and there.

I celebrated yet another brilliant birthday and I was blessed to graduate recently, still making mama and papa bear proud! I was also blessed to finish one book of romance and I am starting another (publishing dates are way down the line but will keep you posted).

I performed at my first violin recital just this past Saturday! I hit a few poor notes but I hear I had great stage presence even with nerves and a shaky bow!!

I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in NY, danced all day and met some super people!! I was exhausted but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

I am in DJ school (hobbiest for now) and having a splendid time! Big ups to Scratch DJ Academy. I have the honor of meeting some awesome turn table-ists who know their ish! I also found out that Kaskade who I adore is playing some big rooms on a small tour! AND HE I COMING TO NY!!! I am thrilled! Pray for me that I get tickets!!

My good friend returned from abroad, I am reconnecting with old friends, my closest friends continue to amaze me with their love and support and people from my old job who promised to stay in touch actually are!! Must say, I lost a few along the way but that is a blessing too!

For all of this, I am blessed and grateful and thank God for His love, guidance and protection to continue to have all these wonderful things happen to me and all these extraordinary people in my life! I can only sing His praises!

Thank You, thank You!

So I just wanted to share and look forward to blogging more soon! Share your blessings with me in the meantime!