Journal Entry – January 13 and 14

January 13 &14 – Days 8 & 9 

Week Two is Here!

What a warm welcome for my second week of working out hard, eating right and working toward my goals.  Yes, I feel good and I’m more active.  I am still not “nailing it” as it relates to the workouts, but I’m not “barely making it” either. I have always been somewhat active, but now, I’m in training. BIG DIFFERENCE!

I am continuing with the nutrition plan as I mentioned but I wanted to let you know that there are two nutrition plans in this program; a 5 Day fast track and a The “Get It Done Nutrition” plan.  I may have mentioned in my “New Beginnings” post that the daily calorie intake for the 5 Day fast track is 1,100 calories (3 meals and 2 snacks).  I decided to continue with the  5 Day Fast Track meals and snacks until Wednesday the 15th just because I liked those meals and already had experience preparing them .  On the “Get It Done Nutrition” plan, the snacks go from 100 calories to approximately 15o.

Focus T25 Nutrition Guides

Focus T25 Nutrition Guides

You have to calculate how much you should be eating; either a 1200 or 1600 calorie plan.  My suggested intake for weight loss falls somewhere in the middle. They give you a neat little quiz to figure all that out.  I try to stick to 300-325 calorie meals and 100-150 calories for snacks.  The quality of the meals and snacks are very balanced (proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, etc.) and they give you the nutritional value for all of it.  So helpful!

Planning is Key

This is so true.  I left the house to got the market for some additional items I needed for my nutrition plan.  This whole experience was supposed to take me an hour.  I got the bright idea to go make an appointment to get my tires changed.  I looked at the tires and there was so little traction left that I wondered if I would even make it to the mechanic.  I was going to just go to the market as planned, but thought it was better to be safe than sorry and got the tires done. Cut to THREE hours later.  I’m at the market (Fairway to be exact) and I’m starving with goodies everywhere.  Had I planned just a bit better I wouldn’t have been in that situation.  I got what I needed and split.  I persevered!  However, my meal schedule was now three hours behind and I ended up eating a snack for dinner and missing dinner because it was just too late.  Planning is so key.


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