Journal Entry – January 15, 16 and 17

January 15, 16 &17– Days 10, 11& 12 

Feeling Pretty Good

I am working out a little better and my energy is still going up.  I approach my workout as if this is something that I have to do; like waking up, brushing my teeth, having breakfast.  I’m sure that there may come a time when I have to talk myself into it, but right now I’m kinda looking forward to the next days.  The calendar changes from week to week so that it keeps confusing my body. There are also more of the harder workouts as the weeks progress.  It’s gonna get scary next week!

I Need Some Sleep

I had my afternoon snack and then I swear it was like night and day.  I crashed like I had just come down off of some sugar.  I was so tired that all I wanted to do was close my eyes and sleep for HOURS!  Maybe I should have gone to sleep, but I didn’t because I really have to start forcing myself to sleep a little bit earlier.  I am a child of the night, when darkness falls, my creativity rises and that’s where I do most of my work.  My friends know that I have always complained about fatigue. They ask me what time I go to sleep and I’m tell them 2 or 3am.  They honestly comment “and you expect to get up early and not feel it?”  True are the words.  I need to focus on this and get it right this time. Yet another challenge area…lol.

My Sneakers Have Got To Go

Why? because they are so worn that they slant to the outside.  It’s not because of T25, but those movements did push them over the edge.  They are worn from working out over the last 1-2 years.

So, I have moved to the Vibrum Fingers and…

VIbram Five FingersKMD Sport

VIbram Five FingersKMD Sport


Back in 2009,  my friend Rachel and I went to New Mexico. As we sat at Kakawa (which I highly recommend if you are in Santa Fe), for some drinking chocolate, we saw a young woman wearing these “toe shoes”.  It was the first time we saw them and asked her so many questions about them. The woman educated us about Vibram Five Fingers and how they came to be. When I came back home, I wanted to get them but they were so new that there wasn’t a dealer close by and I didn’t want to buy them online because  the makers really suggest that you try them on (which is soooooo true).   I abandoned my search for them over the years and then would see other sneaker brands come out with their versions.  I saw people in the gym wearing them and even my friends had them, too.

So, when I needed a new workout shoe for Focus T25 I went online to see what was out there.  What was everyone else wearing?  Shaun T said he does his workouts barefooted  and in his thread on the subject many of the people doing his workouts recommended the Five Finger because it spreads the toes.  If you ever do this workout,  all Shaun T talks about is spreading the toes for balance and stability.  So I settled on them.  I spoke to some people about this shoe and some people say that they are comfortable and others say that they are not built for comfort.

My take is that they are comfortable. They don’t hurt my feet, they feel pretty natural and I’m not dying to take them off.  In fact I could wear them all day.  I really feel the difference in my workout, too so I’m REALLY happy with them and mine are cute too.  🙂


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