Journal Entry January 18 and 19

January 18 & 19 – Days 13 & 14 

Weekly Weigh In

So we’re all caught up now and just in time for some fairly realtime results.  Take a look.

Weight: 1.5 lb. loss

Chest: 1/4 inch loss

Waist: 1 and 1/4 inch loss

Arm:  1/2 inch loss

Thigh:  1/2 inch loss

Less weight loss this week but more inches lost.  Yay!  Not bad at all, right?   I think these are pretty typical results.  I’m happy that the weight and inches keep going down.  LOL.  Once Alpha Phase is over I will put up a 4-week tally summarizing all the weeks from my day one start

The Cheat Day Dilemma

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and it was pretty challenging. There was so much good food: pasta, rice, roast pork, chicken, salads, pastilles, chips, ALCOHOL and lots of cake (red velvet and Dominican cake).  You should have seen people’s faces when I told them I wasn’t drinking until March!  Hahaha!  Now, I’m no alcoholic, but I like my whisky and red bull and my wine pretty regularly.

I zeroed in though.  I planned to have cabbage salad that was similar to one of Shaun T’s recipes and I love the roast pork so I picked a small portion of the leaner cuts (no crunchy skin or fatty bits – my latinos know what’s up).  I decided to have a slither of the Dominican cake and all I drank was coffee black (no sugar or sweetener) and water.  This was a whole day event so earlier in the day I stuck completely to my prepared meals and snacks.  I think I did well and gave myself 10 pats on the back for it, but it was hard.


I had considered just having a cheat day, but those are such big triggers for me.  It calls for flexibility and ownership of will power to get back on track  fast.  I don’t think that’s where I am now.  I am in severe need of self-control and strict commitment to the meals as they are.  So what if I don’t go out for 10 weeks?  It’s not going to kill me.  So I have to say no to people and events sometimes?  The circumstances are not accommodating to my training program.  OH WELL.

I’m the one who has to live with myself once all the fun and celebration has been done and I alone am sweating off the the calories and obsessing over meal planning and nutrition. So I have to do what I have to do. 🙂  Thanks for putting up with my guys.  The support is well-received. xoxo


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