Journal Entry – January 20 -24

January 20 – 24 – Days 15 – 19 

Third Week and Still Going Strong

Monday was an exceptional day.  I had gone to a Disclosure concert the night before and if you know me you know that I love my music (all types) and especially most of the genres in Electronic Dance Music.  When I hear the music I can’t stop dancing.  Such was yours truly on Sunday night for Disclosure (see my blog about that awesome show!).

However, the next day I was sore and my legs in particular were very fatigued.  That didn’t stop me from getting my ass up and doing Total Body Circuit. It’s the toughest workout in this Alpha Phase of Focus T25.  I was really sore after that workout.

Apparently, Monday was overachievement day because I then had the nerve to go take a Zumba class the same night!  I had lots of fun but I felt I had over done it – BECAUSE I DID!  I stuck to my regular planned workouts with the exception of all the snow shoveling necessary here in New York Tuesday and Wednesday.  My result will be interesting on Saturday.  I do hope I stay on the decline track but you never know.

The Introduction of Stimulants – Coffee is Back 

So on top of having no added sugar, no alcohol, I had also inadvertently stopped drinking coffee and caffeinated tea.  Why?  Because I like my coffee delicious with a flavored creamer and some sweetener (which I have also eliminated).

I know I’m on crazy withdrawal, but I think that the Pre-Cleanse helped because I didn’t got through a really awful withdrawal with headaches and obnoxious irritability.

So coffee came at the birthday party I told you guys about on Saturday the 18th.  I think the pull was that I was tired.  I really needed rest not coffee, but because I couldn’t rest that day I went for the ‘pick me up.’  However, I had 2 additional cups this week.  I want to see my results at the end of the week to evaluate if I am helping or hurting myself with the addition.  Maybe it has no effect at all.  I’ll let you know.

And….Here Come the Cravings

Now that I’m three weeks into this program, I suspect that it would be around this time that a craving would re-introduce itself to me.  I think it was because I was looking at so many different websites about food in my search for 300 calorie meals.  I have used almost all of the recipes in the nutrition guides and figured I’d get a head start by looking for some other recipes to have on hand.  It just made me hungry because I had to bypass the delicious looking, maybe not so healthy recipes.  Memories of chocolate chip cookies, pasta, chocolate covered almonds and my favorite bottle of red wine popped into my head.  At which point I promptly went to my blog to write about it.

IMG_0362 IMG_0367

I’m eating really good, healthy and wholesome food, so this could all just be a cranky habit that needs to be broken down!  The cravings have dissipated and I’m ok, but there was a bit of reminiscing going on. 

Tomorrow I weigh in and I hope I have another good week.