Journal Entry – February 8 and 9

February 8 & 9– Days 34 & 35 

Weekly Weigh In – Special Edition

Alpha Phase? DONE!  Here are the results for my fifth week:

Weight: 3 lb loss

Chest: no change

Waist: 1 1/2 inch loss??

Arm: 1/2 inch loss (L) and 1/2 inch loss (R)

Thigh: 1/2 inch loss (L)  1/4 inch loss (R)

My 5-Week Summary for Alpha Phase is as follows (Let’s bold them for emphasis, shall we?):

Alpha Weight Totals: 17 lb loss

Alpha Chest Totals: 1/4 inch loss

Alpha Waist Totals: 3 inches loss

Alpha Arm Totals: 1/2 inch (L) 3/4 inch (R) loss

Alpha Thigh Totals: 3/4 (L) 3/4 (R) loss

Wow!! It’s pretty cool to see what the hard work has done over a period of time.  I’m happy with the results, but like I said this is the tip of the iceberg for me and I have long way to go. The inches thing is still tricky but I’ll keep recording it.  Practice makes better.  It is still nice to see success after a period of stagnant weight loss.

Beta Phase Begins

I told you that I was going to watch the Beta Phase videos while I enjoyed that magnanimous sandwich that I talked about in my last entry.  First, let me say that the sandwich was delicious and delightfully messy!  It had a lot of healthy components but also a lot of not so healthy ones.  It was spicy, garlic-y, tangy, creamy, and crunchy.  It was great!  I took it slow and stopped when I had enough.  This is progress.  This is what it looked like.

Karissa Cooney's Spicy Slaw Sandwich Photo by Jennifer Welsh

Karissa Cooney’s Spicy Slaw Sandwich Photo by Jennifer Welsh

I watched the Beta Phase videos and I was like WHHHHAAAAAHHHTT!!???!!  Yeah, this is getting serious and super intense.  When I looked at the moves, I thought to myself, “I am not going to be able to do this!”  Then I think back to the days before I started Alpha and the words I spew sound familiar.  I can do it!  I can do anything I put my mind to! I will get better at it!

I relaxed a bit because I have some anticipation related to the next five weeks and what I could potentially accomplishment.  My daily devotion from Pastor Joel Osteen said something that stuck with me. It read “fear, worry and uncertainty are beneath you.”  I’m going with that. This is the phase that really tests you abilities and forces you to focus.  I’m ready.  I had 5 weeks to get ready.  I’m going for it!

Special Thanks

I’d like to thank our blog mate Carolina at I made your version of the Lasagna Cups.  I know your inspiration started from a Kevin & Amanda recipe, but I truly enjoyed your version.

Carolina's Lasagna Cups - Photo by Jennifer Welsh

Carolina’s Lasagna Cups – Photo by Jennifer Welsh

They were very yummy for only 28o calories a serving.  I added a bit more parsley and a bit more garlic but everything else stayed the same.  Soooo good!

You guys check out her blog.  It is inspiring and helpful, just like we all try to be.

Have a good one.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – February 8 and 9

  1. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss! That’s GREAT progress! Woot!! 😀 Keep it up.

    Secondly, I’m NOT a fan of pickles or slaw, but that sandwich looks DELICIOUS and I would devour it in a heartbeat! Yum!

    Thirdly, I’m so glad that you have the right mindset. Everything always looks a lot harder before you’ve started, but once you get going, you see it’s not as bad. You’ll get to the point that the Beta Phase will seem like nothing. It’s all about time and patience.

    And finally, I want to thank you again for the shout out and kind words. It means a lot to me that’d you’d try my little recipe and actually enjoy it. 🙂 Your little lasagna cups look WONDERFUL! Good job! By the way, I’m a parsley fiend so I, too, added more to my version than the recipe calls for. 😉

    • Thanks so much! I think blogging about the experience is cathartic in a sense and also keeps me on track because I have to support. Very cool and thank you again for such a great recipe. I look forward to many more. Let’s keep it going!

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