Journal Entry – March 29 and 30th

March 29 & 30– Days 83 & 84

Weekly Weigh in

Another week down!  I didn’t take any measurements this week which I mentioned I might not do until I moved to Gamma.

Weight: 1 lb gain

Chest Totals: no change

Waist Totals: no change

Arm Totals: no change

Thigh Totals: no change

Right.  I gained one pound this week. Boo!  It was my own doing.  Damn chocolate chips.  Trust me, I’ve already done the confessional to several people so I’m moving on.  I have taken the advice of one of my followers and got some really good dark chocolate, but I put it in a bag on the shelf for a day where I feel I have earned it or have a true craving and control for it.  So I’m moving on focusing.  Trust me I’m going to need it.

Gamma Phase



Gamma has arrived and I watched the videos on Sunday.  Shaun T definitely out did himself on this.  I’m scared, but I was scared of Alpha and of Beta, but I made it through.  It may take me a while, but I can do it.  Alpha focused on Foundation, Beta on The Core and Gamma focuses on Strength.  I’m looking forward to feeling stronger, but this is going to kick my ass folks.  No doubt.

Where Are My Rest Days?

The weekend was a bit of a washout.  It rained the whole time.  I worked out both Saturday at 914 Fit Club that did Alpha Cardio from T25 and then on Sunday, I went to a health fair, walked 5 laps, did Zumba, played drums and learned about fire safety from the Suffern Fire Department.  It was a a full weekend.  So, I’m starting my Gamma week tired.  NO EXCUSES, Gamma is getting done, but I did do a lot.  I had a great time at both events.  It’s funny how when your mindset changes, the things you fill your time with change as well.  In the past I was content to just sit on my booty and watch a movie or go out drinking, but I now choose more active events over those now-a-days.  That’s pretty cool.

Can’t wait to give you my feedback *cough* complain* cough about Gamma.  HAHAHAHA

Have a good one folks!


Journal Entry – March 24 through 28

March 24 thru 28– Days 78 thru 82

Ready for Something Different

As I still await Gamma (should be here in minutes hopefully), I realize that I’m ready to move on from Beta. Not because I’m nailing the workouts like Shaun T, but because I need a change. Something different. I’m still doing the workouts and the nutrition plan, but you know when you get that itch to do something different?  Well, you can even do something good different or something BAD different, like eating something not so great or skipping a workout?  I feel like I’m walking the tightrope between the good and the bad. No!  I haven’t jumped off the deep end…haha.

This is good for me to talk about because that means I’m in tuned to what I need to keep my fitness journey going strong.  Something needs to change to keep it interesting for me. Like a surprise.  So I’m staying present and focused on the ultimate goal.

I’m Dancing Again

I used to belly dance and take salsa classes. I haven’t done either in about two years. There are many reasons why I stopped dancing. I’m glad that weight was NOT one of the reason I stopped. With the type of belly dance I was doing, it was a group form that is very beautiful. Check out American Tribal Style Belly Dance for a point of reference. My reasons for stopping were more about what I wanted out of dance. For me I wanted to be a part of a sisterhood of dancing — a tribe if you will, which is what I understood the dance to be from all that I read and heard from it’s creator or this style. Let’s just say that my philosophy and the philosophy of others I danced with differed. So I took a break.

Salsa was great for a long time.  I would go out with a group that loved to dance with from my classes. Then things started to slow down. People didn’t go out as much or some better dancers really hit the hardcore scene, so it got kind of cliquey. When I went out, there was also sometimes this, “will someone pick me to dance with” element that hung over your head as well. Because it’s a partner dance, there is some evaluation going on. So eventually, I just let that one fall off the schedule.


My interest in dancing again came from a few things. One, people who belly danced with me or took classes with me always ask me if I’m still dancing or when I’m going to teach again. I also reconnected with some old friends and it’s been cool because I have danced with some of them: either belly dance or salsa. Two, from doing Focus T25 and some Pop Pilates I have started to think about moving my body in a different way.

I’m happy to tell you that I have started to get into my belly dance practice again and I took two salsa classes and I’m surprised by how much I remember from both! It feels good and the great thing about doing both these dances is that I’m really doing them for me and my well-being.  There is no pressure, no evaluation and no drama and it FEELS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

It took me a while to get back to it, but even if I never perform or teach a class again, I’m happy to just dance for me.

Picture, Pictures and Pictures

This weekend I’m going to take a bunch of pictures.  This is something that I have avoided doing for the past couple of months.  With the results from Focus T25, I owe it to myself and you guys that follow me to get some images out there to compare.  They’re coming!

I’m still sticking to my weekly weigh-in schedule.  I’m still going to make myself accountable by putting those numbers up, so I’ll let you know how I did this week.

Have a super weekend!


Journal Entry March 22 and 23

March 22 & 23– Days 76 & 77


Whoo hooo! I did it. Do you remember my blog from January 6th? I had three goals: 1) Get through the full 10-week program 2) Stick to the nutrition plan, and 3) Be significantly lighter than I am now (healthy pound shedding and lean muscle gain). I have reached all my short-term goals guys!!! CARTWHEELS!! I did it! I am off to a really good start! Check out my comprehensive results here guys!

My 5-Week Summary for Alpha Phase:

Alpha Totals: 17 lb loss
Alpha Chest Totals: 1/4 inch loss
Alpha Waist Totals: 3 inches loss
Alpha Arm Totals: 1/2 inch (L) 3/4 inch (R) loss
Alpha Thigh Totals: 3/4 (L) 3/4 (R) loss

My 5-Week Summary for Beta Phase:

Beta Weight Totals: 10 lb loss
Beta Chest Totals: 1 1/2 inch loss
Beta Waist Totals: 1/2 lb loss
Beta Arm Totals 1/2 inch loss (L) 1/4 inch loss (R)
Beta Thigh Totals: 1 inch loss (L) 1 inch loss (R)

My 10 Week Focus T25 Summary (Alpha and Beta Phase):

Weight Loss Total: 27.5 lbs
Chest Totals: 1 3/4 inch loss
Waist Totals: 3 1/2 inch loss
Arm Totals: 1 inch loss (L+R)
Thigh Totals: 1 3/4 inch loss (L+R)

What’s Next

Gamma is ordered and I should receive it in about a week. I am going to keep with the Focus T25 videos through the Gamma program which is 4 weeks plus another 4 weeks of combination videos using Alpha, Beta and Gamma videos. This should be really challenging. I wanted to put up some before and after pictures but I’m just not there yet to show my pictures because they are a little revealing. I really wanted to see the fat areas and I’m just not confident to show those right now, but I will take some normal current pictures where you can see some changes. When I have results that I think are worthy of before and after pictures I will post the full progression! Promise.

Focus T25 Challenge Group

I am going to start a T25 Challenge group. The challenge group will be starting on April 7th. I’m looking for people to join.  I will be running the challenge group via Facebook. What’s great is that you can be at any level of the program: a beginner, starting Beta or doing Gamma.  It covers all T25 levels which is great because we can really help each other through it.


If you already have the T25 videos and just want the support of me and others going through the program to keep you honest and help you get to your goal, then please join by sending me a private message to my email:

If you don’t have the videos and want to join then I will help you get what you need to get started so that your are set up by April 7th.  I will post a separate post with links and information, but make sure you send me a message if you are interested and I will add you to the challenge group list. I’m excited to do this with you all. As you know I love to blog about my fitness journey.  It helps me and I really hope it helps you guys, so I’m going to keep at it.

Thank You All

It’s been a great and challenging 10-weeks and I thank you all for your support and suggestions.  It has all been helpful and I appreciate it sooooooo much!

Have a super day!

Journal Entry – March 18 – 21

March 18 thru 21– Days  72 thru 75


I redid my 4th week of Beta, you know…the one where I was really sick.  Lot of core work which I LOVE to complain about…lol.  I just never know if I’m doing it right.  I feel like I should be more sore, but then I wonder, are my abs stronger yet?  That I have a question about it further lets me know that I’m not yet satisfied with that routine.  I’m going to keep at it with the supportive workouts I’ve spoken about in previous blogs.  However, I am done!!  Yay!! whoohooo!  I did it!  Super proud of myself and motivated to keep going!

Beach Body Coach

I became a beach body coach a few days ago.  Yay!!  Thanks Melissa for the opportunity!  Check out her blog at .  I’m excited about this opportunity because I am going through my own journey and I feel like I know what a struggle it is.  There is nothing like talking to someone who can identify with what you are going through because they are going through it with you, which is why I love all your blogs!  I get tips, inspiration and support from you all because many of you are going through your own health and fitness journey.  I will let you all know more details about it and also about any challenge groups I have coming up to see if you want to participate because you can participate from anywhere.  Whoohoo! More friends!

Brussels Sprouts with a Mushroom Ragout

I found this recipe on Skinny Ms., which is becoming now of my favorite sites  for recipes now.  I love brussels sprouts and quinoa so I knew that this would be a savory sweet dish.  I’m one of those people who can taste things in my head before I make it, so I know for the most part if it is going to be interesting just by the ingredients.  I think many people are like this which is why we salivate over recipes like we do…lol.  So how did this one come out?

Brussel Sprouts and Mushroom Ragu with Crispy Quinoa - Photo by Jennifer Welsh

Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Ragout with Crispy Quinoa – Photo by Jennifer Welsh

AMAZING!  I’ll tell you what made it amazing, the dried cherries and the goat cheese on top.  It really propelled this recipes sophistication and complexity of flavors.  The goat cheese gets warmed and melted and the cherries are tart but sweeter than dried cranberries.  Whaaaaaaahhhhhht!?  So good.  Try it!

Challenge at Norma’s

Today (Friday) I went to Norma’s at Le Parker Meridian for brunch and it was so good.  I have to tell you that my body really has changed in terms of what it wants and it COMPLAINED to me for a while after that the food was too rich!  Let the confessional begin….

I had a lobster caviar frittata (shared), fresh squeezed orange juice, a banana smoothie shot (which was so cute) and Norma’s Eggs Benedict (literally 3 bites).  It was insanely delicious and because we were celebrating a milestone for my sister with her friend, we happily indulged.  I had to tap out after a few bites of my meal.  LOL but we had fun.

I wonder what my weigh in is going to be after such a decadent meal.  Oh boy am I gonna pay for it!  Nothing like keeping it interesting.  Can’t wait to share.

Have a super weekend!

Journal Entry – March 15 – 17


March 15 thru 17– Days  69 thru 71

Weekly Weigh In

Here are my results this week everyone.

Weight: 1/2 lb loss

Chest: less than 1/4 inch loss

Waist: 1/2 inch loss

Arm: no change(L) no change R)

Thigh: no change L) no change (R)

Next week I will give a special edition weigh in with my results from the beginning and also a summary of my results from Beta!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Sine I am technically finished with Beta (even though I am still doing the workouts until Gamma arrives), I am allowed to drink booze.


One would think that I am all gung ho about it, but really I’m not.  I thought that maybe I would have a green beer or something, but yesterday I saw a bit of a St. Patty’s Day parade and today is my nephew’s birthday so I am celebrating without the calories.  I’m good.


I do love this stuff and I had a quite a few chocolate chips this weekend.  It was my cheat for my 5 week completion on Beta, but I have to tell you that it was really too easy to have and lose count of.  Damn that sweet yumminess.  I have to think of a better way to have it without losing it a little bit.  I am looking for recipes that incorporate just a bit of chocolate to give you the taste of it without there being a lot of it present.  The hunt is on.

Enjoy your day everyone and be safe!!  May the luck of the Irish be with you!