Journal Entry – March 3 – 7

March 3 thru 7– Days  57 thru 61

Hanging In There

I’m still pretty sick with a fever and a nasty sore throat.  I finally had to go to the doctor because I couldn’t even rest from the pain.  I thought I had the flu or strep throat.  I had neither nor the other.  I have some other throat infection.

Antibiotics it is.  Boooooo!

I started them today, after over a week of being really miserable.  I hoped that I would just get better naturally. Thank you to all my friends and online supporters for you help and well wishes.  They did help.

Still Worked Out

This may not have been the smartest thing, but I learned from a fitness expert years ago that if you have congestion in your chest you shouldn’t work out.  I didn’t so I worked out when the fever was down, then rested.  I really wanted to stay on the program.  I really had to push through.  It’s normally and effort, but this was ten times the struggle.

Nutritional Challenges

So, I stuck to my nutrition as best I could but my appetite was shot, in addition to getting ill every time I ate, so I opted for good old fashion Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup, a green drink and lots of waters.  I snacked on nuts and vitamin C packets were my other beverage of choice.  Oh, I always have coconut water after I work out so I had that too.  I don’t know what my results will be with the illness and the inconstant nutrition this week, but I will take one for the team this week.  I did the best I could this week.  I jut hope that with medicine and rest that I will be strong for next week.

Question for you guys….what is  your nutrition like when you get sick and try to stick to your program?


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