Journal Entry – March 8 and 9

March 8 & 9– Days  62 & 63

Weekly Weigh In

Still feeling straight up sh!%$y!  I seriously cannot wait to feel better.  Here are my results for this week:

Weight: 5 lb loss

Chest: 3/4 inch loss ??

Waist: 1 1/4 inch loss??

Arm: 1/4 inch loss (L) 1/2 inch lost (R)

Thigh: 1/2 (L)  1/4 inch loss (R)

I’m sure that the bump up in weight loss is from being sick and having no real appetite.  I average only about 2 lbs a week.  I’m not complaining too much about it, but rapid weight loss is not very healthy, which I’m not at the moment.  I just want to feel better already. Grrrr!

I Miss Cooking and Stuff

I had big cooking plans for the weekend with the expectation of feeling better.  Nope.  It’s been bed most of the time sleeping or resting.  It was finally decent out, too.  Missed it!  I opened the windows for some fresh air but I would have loved to have taken a walk, but fatigue just sort of hits me here and there.  I hope to share some good eats with you this week.

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

I really wanted to just rest this weekend but like all habits, breaking them is a bit hard.  I slept a lot and didn’t rush to do it first thing when I got up, but did it later in the evening.  I think it was actually a good thing for me.  It was slower and helped a little with my aches, so I was glad that I did it.

Last Week of Beta

I was so looking forward to this coming week.  I wanted to give my all to the program.  I am still hoping that I get better and strong enough to really excel this week.  I can’t believe I have come to my last week of Beta.  The five weeks have really gone quickly.  Wow!  Wish me luck!  I’m REALLY pulling from your energy this week guys!



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