Journal Entry – March 18 – 21

March 18 thru 21– Days  72 thru 75


I redid my 4th week of Beta, you know…the one where I was really sick.  Lot of core work which I LOVE to complain about…lol.  I just never know if I’m doing it right.  I feel like I should be more sore, but then I wonder, are my abs stronger yet?  That I have a question about it further lets me know that I’m not yet satisfied with that routine.  I’m going to keep at it with the supportive workouts I’ve spoken about in previous blogs.  However, I am done!!  Yay!! whoohooo!  I did it!  Super proud of myself and motivated to keep going!

Beach Body Coach

I became a beach body coach a few days ago.  Yay!!  Thanks Melissa for the opportunity!  Check out her blog at .  I’m excited about this opportunity because I am going through my own journey and I feel like I know what a struggle it is.  There is nothing like talking to someone who can identify with what you are going through because they are going through it with you, which is why I love all your blogs!  I get tips, inspiration and support from you all because many of you are going through your own health and fitness journey.  I will let you all know more details about it and also about any challenge groups I have coming up to see if you want to participate because you can participate from anywhere.  Whoohoo! More friends!

Brussels Sprouts with a Mushroom Ragout

I found this recipe on Skinny Ms., which is becoming now of my favorite sites  for recipes now.  I love brussels sprouts and quinoa so I knew that this would be a savory sweet dish.  I’m one of those people who can taste things in my head before I make it, so I know for the most part if it is going to be interesting just by the ingredients.  I think many people are like this which is why we salivate over recipes like we do…lol.  So how did this one come out?

Brussel Sprouts and Mushroom Ragu with Crispy Quinoa - Photo by Jennifer Welsh

Brussels Sprouts and Mushroom Ragout with Crispy Quinoa – Photo by Jennifer Welsh

AMAZING!  I’ll tell you what made it amazing, the dried cherries and the goat cheese on top.  It really propelled this recipes sophistication and complexity of flavors.  The goat cheese gets warmed and melted and the cherries are tart but sweeter than dried cranberries.  Whaaaaaaahhhhhht!?  So good.  Try it!

Challenge at Norma’s

Today (Friday) I went to Norma’s at Le Parker Meridian for brunch and it was so good.  I have to tell you that my body really has changed in terms of what it wants and it COMPLAINED to me for a while after that the food was too rich!  Let the confessional begin….

I had a lobster caviar frittata (shared), fresh squeezed orange juice, a banana smoothie shot (which was so cute) and Norma’s Eggs Benedict (literally 3 bites).  It was insanely delicious and because we were celebrating a milestone for my sister with her friend, we happily indulged.  I had to tap out after a few bites of my meal.  LOL but we had fun.

I wonder what my weigh in is going to be after such a decadent meal.  Oh boy am I gonna pay for it!  Nothing like keeping it interesting.  Can’t wait to share.

Have a super weekend!


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