Journal Entry March 22 and 23

March 22 & 23– Days 76 & 77


Whoo hooo! I did it. Do you remember my blog from January 6th? I had three goals: 1) Get through the full 10-week program 2) Stick to the nutrition plan, and 3) Be significantly lighter than I am now (healthy pound shedding and lean muscle gain). I have reached all my short-term goals guys!!! CARTWHEELS!! I did it! I am off to a really good start! Check out my comprehensive results here guys!

My 5-Week Summary for Alpha Phase:

Alpha Totals: 17 lb loss
Alpha Chest Totals: 1/4 inch loss
Alpha Waist Totals: 3 inches loss
Alpha Arm Totals: 1/2 inch (L) 3/4 inch (R) loss
Alpha Thigh Totals: 3/4 (L) 3/4 (R) loss

My 5-Week Summary for Beta Phase:

Beta Weight Totals: 10 lb loss
Beta Chest Totals: 1 1/2 inch loss
Beta Waist Totals: 1/2 lb loss
Beta Arm Totals 1/2 inch loss (L) 1/4 inch loss (R)
Beta Thigh Totals: 1 inch loss (L) 1 inch loss (R)

My 10 Week Focus T25 Summary (Alpha and Beta Phase):

Weight Loss Total: 27.5 lbs
Chest Totals: 1 3/4 inch loss
Waist Totals: 3 1/2 inch loss
Arm Totals: 1 inch loss (L+R)
Thigh Totals: 1 3/4 inch loss (L+R)

What’s Next

Gamma is ordered and I should receive it in about a week. I am going to keep with the Focus T25 videos through the Gamma program which is 4 weeks plus another 4 weeks of combination videos using Alpha, Beta and Gamma videos. This should be really challenging. I wanted to put up some before and after pictures but I’m just not there yet to show my pictures because they are a little revealing. I really wanted to see the fat areas and I’m just not confident to show those right now, but I will take some normal current pictures where you can see some changes. When I have results that I think are worthy of before and after pictures I will post the full progression! Promise.

Focus T25 Challenge Group

I am going to start a T25 Challenge group. The challenge group will be starting on April 7th. I’m looking for people to join.  I will be running the challenge group via Facebook. What’s great is that you can be at any level of the program: a beginner, starting Beta or doing Gamma.  It covers all T25 levels which is great because we can really help each other through it.


If you already have the T25 videos and just want the support of me and others going through the program to keep you honest and help you get to your goal, then please join by sending me a private message to my email:

If you don’t have the videos and want to join then I will help you get what you need to get started so that your are set up by April 7th.  I will post a separate post with links and information, but make sure you send me a message if you are interested and I will add you to the challenge group list. I’m excited to do this with you all. As you know I love to blog about my fitness journey.  It helps me and I really hope it helps you guys, so I’m going to keep at it.

Thank You All

It’s been a great and challenging 10-weeks and I thank you all for your support and suggestions.  It has all been helpful and I appreciate it sooooooo much!

Have a super day!


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry March 22 and 23

  1. Wow! Absolutely amazing results! I’m bummed that you don’t want to share photos, but I understand. I would imagine there is a really, really big difference. I have Gamma sitting here waiting for me to finish Beta. 🙂 Congratulations on your accomplishments!

    • Thanks so much! I hope to at least get some visuals up soon. I’m excited for Gamma. When are you going to start it? You should totally be in my challenge group. I think only you and I would be on Gamma so far. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m not sure if you’re done with Beta. I’d have to check out your results too!

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