Journal Entry – March 24 through 28

March 24 thru 28– Days 78 thru 82

Ready for Something Different

As I still await Gamma (should be here in minutes hopefully), I realize that I’m ready to move on from Beta. Not because I’m nailing the workouts like Shaun T, but because I need a change. Something different. I’m still doing the workouts and the nutrition plan, but you know when you get that itch to do something different?  Well, you can even do something good different or something BAD different, like eating something not so great or skipping a workout?  I feel like I’m walking the tightrope between the good and the bad. No!  I haven’t jumped off the deep end…haha.

This is good for me to talk about because that means I’m in tuned to what I need to keep my fitness journey going strong.  Something needs to change to keep it interesting for me. Like a surprise.  So I’m staying present and focused on the ultimate goal.

I’m Dancing Again

I used to belly dance and take salsa classes. I haven’t done either in about two years. There are many reasons why I stopped dancing. I’m glad that weight was NOT one of the reason I stopped. With the type of belly dance I was doing, it was a group form that is very beautiful. Check out American Tribal Style Belly Dance for a point of reference. My reasons for stopping were more about what I wanted out of dance. For me I wanted to be a part of a sisterhood of dancing — a tribe if you will, which is what I understood the dance to be from all that I read and heard from it’s creator or this style. Let’s just say that my philosophy and the philosophy of others I danced with differed. So I took a break.

Salsa was great for a long time.  I would go out with a group that loved to dance with from my classes. Then things started to slow down. People didn’t go out as much or some better dancers really hit the hardcore scene, so it got kind of cliquey. When I went out, there was also sometimes this, “will someone pick me to dance with” element that hung over your head as well. Because it’s a partner dance, there is some evaluation going on. So eventually, I just let that one fall off the schedule.


My interest in dancing again came from a few things. One, people who belly danced with me or took classes with me always ask me if I’m still dancing or when I’m going to teach again. I also reconnected with some old friends and it’s been cool because I have danced with some of them: either belly dance or salsa. Two, from doing Focus T25 and some Pop Pilates I have started to think about moving my body in a different way.

I’m happy to tell you that I have started to get into my belly dance practice again and I took two salsa classes and I’m surprised by how much I remember from both! It feels good and the great thing about doing both these dances is that I’m really doing them for me and my well-being.  There is no pressure, no evaluation and no drama and it FEELS SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

It took me a while to get back to it, but even if I never perform or teach a class again, I’m happy to just dance for me.

Picture, Pictures and Pictures

This weekend I’m going to take a bunch of pictures.  This is something that I have avoided doing for the past couple of months.  With the results from Focus T25, I owe it to myself and you guys that follow me to get some images out there to compare.  They’re coming!

I’m still sticking to my weekly weigh-in schedule.  I’m still going to make myself accountable by putting those numbers up, so I’ll let you know how I did this week.

Have a super weekend!



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