Journal Entry – March 29 and 30th

March 29 & 30– Days 83 & 84

Weekly Weigh in

Another week down!  I didn’t take any measurements this week which I mentioned I might not do until I moved to Gamma.

Weight: 1 lb gain

Chest Totals: no change

Waist Totals: no change

Arm Totals: no change

Thigh Totals: no change

Right.  I gained one pound this week. Boo!  It was my own doing.  Damn chocolate chips.  Trust me, I’ve already done the confessional to several people so I’m moving on.  I have taken the advice of one of my followers and got some really good dark chocolate, but I put it in a bag on the shelf for a day where I feel I have earned it or have a true craving and control for it.  So I’m moving on focusing.  Trust me I’m going to need it.

Gamma Phase



Gamma has arrived and I watched the videos on Sunday.  Shaun T definitely out did himself on this.  I’m scared, but I was scared of Alpha and of Beta, but I made it through.  It may take me a while, but I can do it.  Alpha focused on Foundation, Beta on The Core and Gamma focuses on Strength.  I’m looking forward to feeling stronger, but this is going to kick my ass folks.  No doubt.

Where Are My Rest Days?

The weekend was a bit of a washout.  It rained the whole time.  I worked out both Saturday at 914 Fit Club that did Alpha Cardio from T25 and then on Sunday, I went to a health fair, walked 5 laps, did Zumba, played drums and learned about fire safety from the Suffern Fire Department.  It was a a full weekend.  So, I’m starting my Gamma week tired.  NO EXCUSES, Gamma is getting done, but I did do a lot.  I had a great time at both events.  It’s funny how when your mindset changes, the things you fill your time with change as well.  In the past I was content to just sit on my booty and watch a movie or go out drinking, but I now choose more active events over those now-a-days.  That’s pretty cool.

Can’t wait to give you my feedback *cough* complain* cough about Gamma.  HAHAHAHA

Have a good one folks!


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