Journal Entry – March 31 thru April 4

March 31 thru April 4 – Days 85 thru 89

Gamma is Kickin’ My Butt

Literally, my butt hurts, and my arms and my shoulders and my abs, and my legs.  When I watched the videos the idea of the difficulty was in mind but nothing compares to actually doing it!  I had to reach out for support this week because I was really feeling down about my ability to do the moves well.  It’s twenty-five minutes as intense moves and repetitions.  I had to dig deep and there were a few times when I wasn’t sure I was going to make but it’s twenty-five minutes!

I got through the week though. Thank goodness!  I am really helping that I get better quick.  I mean, I have to get better, right?  Isn’t that what the body does?  Isn’t that what I learned from Alpha Phase and Beta Phase when I could barely do those workouts!?!  Gamma is all about strength and with all this soreness, I should be able to demonstrate an increase in strength pretty fast.  So I’m sucking it up and just letting it happen.  It’ a challenge though and one I am accepting to take because I will get better.  The beauty is in the change.

I must say that one of the greatest thing about Gamma is that you have two calendars.  One is a pure Gamma and the other is hybrid which incorporates Alpha and Beta workouts.  I chose pure Gamma. The best thing about this calendar is that there are not double day Fridays!  I’ll miss them, but I’ll get over it…lol.  We’ll see how/if this affects my weigh in results.

It’s Official

My Focus T25 Challenge group will start on April 21st.  I was hoping to start on the 7th, but that didn’t give people enough time so the 27th it is.  Again if anyone of you want to join, just let me know.  It will be run on Facebook through virtual accountability and I will be there with you the whole way through.  I’m so excited because I feel like I can really help people who just need the extra boost!  So message me if you want to find out more or join!  It will be 10 weeks of fun!

Gamma week one results tomorrow!  I hope I did well this week.




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