Journal Entry – April 5 and 6

April 5 & 6– Days 90 & 91

Weekly Weigh In

Week one completed.  Whew!  I barely made it folks, but I am glad for the rest day.  Here are my weekly results.

Weight: 4 lb. loss

Chest: 1/4 inch loss

Waist: 1/4 inch loss

Arm: 1/4 inch loss (L), 1/2 inch loss (R)

Thigh: 1/2 inch loss (L)  1/4 inch loss(R)



One of the things that I enjoy drinking is Shakeology.  I started drinking it a few years ago and I liked it for a meal replacement.  When I started Focus T25 I also incorporated it again since it was in the nutrition plan.  I have it five days a week and do a green drink on the weekends.



Part of keeping some of my cravings at bay is due to Shakeology.   I indulge (chocolate chips), but I know that it would be a lot worse without this bad boy.

I use it as a recovery drink/breakfast meal replacement and it keeps me satisfied.  It truly is the most nutritious meal of my day!  I make the recipes like this bar or this peanut butter cup shake. It’s pretty yummy when you make it with almond butter and bananas or yogurt and fruit.  As a Team Beach Body Coach I support products  because I use them and they have given me positive results.    Shakeology is really good and good for you with all it’s superfood ingredients, so check it out.

If you want the recipe for the breakfast bar shown in the picture above just CLICK HERE.


Gamma Week Two Coming Right Up 

Now that I’ve gone through the challenge of week one of Gamma I am looking forward to having more strength in week two. Wish me luck guys!!



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