Journal Entry April 14 through 18

April 14 thru 18– Days 99  thru 103

100 Day Anniversary

I have been on this journey for more than 100 days already!  Wow, how time flies and what I’ve accomplished.  I finished my third week of Gamma Phase and I have one week left!  Awesome sauce!  hahaha

All in all this week went well even though I am still struggling with Speed 3.0.  It’s the worst!  LOL but I attack it every time like it’s going to be different and it does get a little better, but is such struggle. It let’s me know two things: 1) I”m not Shaun T and 2) I’m still making improvements!

Easter and Passover Wishes

To all of you celebrating Easter, HAPPY EASTER and Chag Same’ach to those of you observing Passover, I wish you the best!

I’m from Jamaican heritage and one of the things we eat during Easter is Jamaican bun and cheese. The best way that I can describe this is a moist spice filled fruit cake.  My sister this year decided to make it from scratch.  I love this because I think it makes my parents happy to know that the traditions from their country are being passed down and appreciated by their children.


I have to say that my sister has done a really good job with it for her first try!  It is way off my nutrition plan and even though it is small it is a lot of calories.  I’m having it for one of my meals today (not a snack) because food is not my enemy and I still want to enjoy the holiday and participate in moderation with our traditions.  So I am having it today and only today and enjoying it with my family.

Enjoy the weekend, the festivities and may whatever holiday you are celebrating this weekend be holy.  If you are not celebrating any of the spiritual holidays that’s cool too – do you!

Have a super one!


7 thoughts on “Journal Entry April 14 through 18

  1. Happy Easter to you too. I love that you are keeping traditions alive in your family and that looks delicious. We eat something similar in the northern UK a really sticky dark fruit bread often laced with rum or brandy and we put butter on it and slices of cheese. Not for me but you’re so right, food isn’t the enemy and a little bit of lovely tasting normality is good in moderation.

    • Oh yeah! Veery similar. I offered some to a friend of mine who had it before and he too was like, “uh-uh, not for me.” I’m in training for when all these other holidays come up. I keep mediating on my mantra, “yummy moderation” haha

    • I’d love to participate, I’m just not sure how as it is a little unclear to me exactly what I’m supposed to do. Do I just submit the questions back to you on your blog? on my blog? Do I then have to nominate people? Let me know 🙂

  2. Sorry!! You start a new post, then answer the questions. Then you nominate 10 people and ask them 10 questions. You notify them by going to each blog and posting a link back to your post. Make sure that you post the award on your blog. You can find it on my blog and either link to it, or save it and upload it to your blog.

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