Journal Entry – April 19 and 20

April 19 & 20– Days 104 & 105

Gamma Week Three Weigh IN

This is my second to last week.  Gamma will be over in a week!?  Holy cow!  Anywoo!  Here are my weigh in results for this week.

Weight: no change

Chest: 1/4 inch loss

Waist: 1/4 inch loss (slightly more)

Arm:  1/4 inch loss (L) 1/4 inch loss (R) – they are not the same size lol

Thigh:  no change (??)

I’m really happy to be losing inches because that means I’ll be able to fit into my clothes better.  Some of them look baggy now.  This is great, but also a point of stress when I’m rushing to get dressed, but I’ll take it!  haha


5 Ingredient Meals?  Yes Please!

I love making things quick that don’t require too much preparation or time.  There are times when I want to got into a meditative state and do a recipe that takes a lot of time, days even (soak or marinate over night, etc), but regularly I need to go, so do my meals.

Grilled Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad

Grilled Shrimp and Grapefruit Salad


I wanted to share this recipe because it had lots of things I liked.  You can always change it up the ingredients.  You know how we do it?  Make it your own!


Last Week of Gamma

I really hope I improve more this week!  Wish me luck!



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