Journal Entry – April 21 through 27

April 21 thru 27– Days 106 thru 114

Missing in Action

Hey gang!  I know you are used to hearing from me quite regularly, but I had a super busy long weekend that started on Thursday.   I was out of town so I didn’t get to record my results and measurements on my weekly schedule.  I normally wouldn’t worry too much about this, but I was at a hotel where all I had access to was prepared food.  I was able to stick with my Shakeology in the morning (thank God), but the rest was a toss-up!  I did ok, but it was not the end to my Gamma program that I wanted, so I tacked on another week and will record on May 3rd come hell or high water.

How Are the Workouts Going Anyway?

You know that moment when you’re doing something and you’re like…when did I become this person? Well, that happened to me on Thursday morning when I was up at 5:29AM to workout.


Now, if you know me, you know that these AM hours are something I just normally don’t do. My motivation?  To get my workout done before I left for the weekend.  Holy cow!  I’m dedicated and focused.  I feel stronger and now I’m doing some crazy $#!% to get these workouts done.


A Little Help

I am going change my workout.  If any of you know any of these workouts, please help me decide what do next.  Below are the choices.

Turbo Jam OR 21 Day Fix

Turbo Jam OR 21 Day Fix


Real Simple Salmon Recipe

It really doesn’t get more simple than this.  I love recipes like this!  Click the picture and check it out.

Garlic Broiled Salmon - Real Simple

Garlic Broiled Salmon – Real Simple


Enjoy everyone and I hope you are staying warm and dry on this cold a damp New York day.






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