Journal Entry – May 5 through 9

May 5 thru 9– Days 121 thru 125

New Program Update

This is my first week on 21 Day Fix.  These workouts are challenging, even though I just finished Focus T25.  I’m stronger and have some stamina, but the exercises are different and so is the format.  Congratulations Autumn Calabrese!  Your workouts are thoroughly confusing my body.  I am sore all the time, even mores than some of my T25 days!  That’s impressive! I love it though.  It’s only for 21 days, but you are working out every day.  No rest days!  Holy $#!%!  I can do it though!

The nutrition plan is good.  You basically measure your portions within the containers below.  Depending on your weight you are allotted a certain number of calories and thus a certain allotment for each container per day. For example, a red container is for protein.  Depending on your weight you can either have  four (4) or  six (6) red containers a day.



I am going to be honest.  I am literally walking around with the booklet to make sure that I am doing everything right, so my containers are often handy or pre-packed for the next meal.  It does make portion controlling easier, but in the beginning it is impossible to remember what all goes in what so it takes a little getting used to, but it is definitely learnable and gets easier everyday.

Though there is no measuring, you do have some recipes that you do have to do some measuring with, but it tells you exactly what containers to check off on your daily list.  I’m making the cookie recipe on Sunday!  I can also have wine and chocolate, so I’m not complaining!  I’m good!

Cake for My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday this week and I have a health conscious family who bought me the smallest cutest cake ever.  Look at this little slice.  My friend put his finger there to show just how small it was!


LOL  It was great!  Just goes to show you can still blow out candles and have cake without getting too crazy!

Tomorrow will be my first weigh in under the new program.  Wish me luck!  You’l heard all about it.

Enjoy the weekend and in case you or I miss my Sunday post, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL THE MOM’S READING!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!


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