Journal Entry – May 12 through 16

May 12 thru 16– Days 128 thru 132

Food Challenges

Has anyone ever had this problem? I have been running into this problem this week where I have no idea what to eat.  I’m fairly simple and straightforward about my food as you’ve seen and there are days when I’m so excited about a recipe that it’s like I was visited by the food fairy.


This week was not one of those weeks!   I had Shakeology twice in one day because I just didn’t know what to eat and didn’t feel like getting creative with 21 Day Fix and the colored containers.  So I wonder what my results will look like this week, especially after a night of too much celebration. Other than that I didn’t get too careless with food during the other days of the week, but I was quite motivation-less to try to figure out what to put in my mouth.  I am sure it will pass, but it was a challenge this week.

A Night of Too Much Celebration

It started with a shot of Patron and the rest was a blur.  I know there was a lot appetizers, like mac and cheese bites and pigs in a blanket, that weren’t great for me but were delicious followed by dinner and a few glasses of whisky.  Ok, ok, a lot of glasses of whisky!

There!  I said it. That’s my confession.  I really let the guard all the way down for this one, so I’m not sure what my results will look like this week but whatever it is I will take it like a champ because that’s what I do now.  No pity party over it.  I mean I do feel guilty but what good is it going to do if I don’t get right back on the horse.  I did too.  With a day of 21 Day Fix cardio that kicked my hungover booty!  I did it though!  LOL


So, I promised some video of these “surrender squats.”  Those would be exercise you see me doing with the weights. I think the next time I do them I am going to do them with knee pads.  LOL

Wednesday’s workout which is Lower Body Fix was such a struggle for me this week.  My knees felt so unstable and I couldn’t understand why.  Not enough rest?  Too much strain on some of the exercises like the “surrender squats?”  I don’t know but I was barely making it.  My stability improved after I did the Pilates Fix the next day, but it was pretty bad. I’m working through it!


The weather has been pretty good here and there and though I have taken some pretty nice long walks, I have not yet started running again.  It’s going to be tough when I start, but I’m hoping to have stamina from doing workouts like Focus T25 and 21 Day Fix.  I need to get on this.  I’d like to run another 5k or two this year (being much lighter this year)!

You know the deal!  I’ll be posting my results so check ’em out!

Have a good one!




2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – May 12 through 16

  1. Ahhh, the night of too much celebration. I’ve been there before! No worries! You battled through the hangover and did the cardio. That speaks volumes about your dedication. Keep it going!

    • Haha! I tell you, I paid for it, for sure! I have to keep going. It’s a lifestyle. So that means battling through. Thanks for the support! BTW, love your ‘Music Monday” selection!

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