Journal Entry – May 17 through 19

May 17 thru 19– Days 133 thru 135

Monday – I’m About It!

I know that most times people recieve  Monday with dread because it starts the workweek.  I don’t fool myself in believing that everyone does what they love for their livelihood or values the start of the workweek.  It’s hard for so many to just get out of bed.  I’ve been there!  It’s no longer my reality to dread Mondays.  I receive Monday with gratitude for what I have and what I’m able to experience and share with others.  It also marks an opportunity for new experiences and is a “start over” day for most people who may have over indulged on the weekend or just starting something new.  I was never able to flip Mondays when I worked in a corporate doing a traditional 9-5, but I was able to start new things that I looked forward to.  It was a small ritual but something that moved me closer to where I am now. Free, having fun and enjoying life the way I want to.  It wasn’t an overnight thing but it happened.  I won’t go on, but if you can flip Mondays to what you want it to be, you’ll find yourself a little bit happier and less stressed.  Be bold in your efforts to carve our a bit of Monday (everyday, really) to be exactly what you want it to be.


weigh in

Results Day

So I weight in on Saturday.  Oh boy!  Here it goes:

Weight: 1.5 lb gain (yup!)

Chest: no change

Waist: no change

Hips: no change

Arm (L): no change

Arm (R): no change

Thigh (L): no change

Thigh (R): no change

I’m cool with it. I really did it to myself this week.  The weekend didn’t go too much better.  I continued to workout, but was a little lax with my eating.  I had a birthday party on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday.  However, I am dedicated to making my last week of 21 Day Fix the best one.  I may even do it twice!

Double Days

So the last week of 21 Day Fix consists of double workouts everyday and still no rest day.  I did my first one today and I really wanted to take a nap afterward.  I look like it, too, don’t I?  I don’t know who says that they feel energized and pumped after a workout.  I feel the exact opposite.  I think my energy comes later.  Does anyone else get this?


Anyways, I am back on the good wagon and focusing on my results. I upped my water intake to combat some of the sodium and sugar ingested over the weekend.  I have forgiven myself and I am moving on.   I have too much to do!   I did want to share, so that you understand why my results are all whacked out.    This week I will be weighing in on Monday May 26, which would officially mark the end of the 21 Day Fix cycle.  Wish me extra luck this week!

Fun Stuff Coming

I’m getting into all kinds of fun things so look out for some posts introducing some things I got going on.  They may be in my New Beginnings Category or some of my other categories, so keep an eye out!

There is still time to make today great!



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