Journal Entry – May 20 through 23

May 20 thru 23– Days 136 thru 139

Two Days Away 

Double Days have been kicking my @$$ but I have really felt it this week.  I want to say that I feel stronger, but I’m not sure. It’s one of those things where you’re like, am I really.  Some of the exercises I did better in the beginning and others that are really challenging I feel like I have improved only slightly.  This is better than nothing, but I just wonder how much better I have gotten.  I guess I am thinking beyond weight and inch loss and now wondering if I’m too weak in my upper body and legs or concerned it I’m building abdominals to support me.  Scary how that shift happened without my active  Anyway, I’m still working on it.

Better Nutrition

I did much better with my nutrition this week.  I really followed the plan and even when I had to celebrate I was conscious and made good choices.  I’m allowed wine on this program so I was glad to be able to have that!  Dare I say, it saved me!  Alcohol saved me! hahaha

Memorial Day Weekend Challenge

Besides the, “what are we grilling this weekend” challenge.  The last 2 Days of 21 Day Fix has an eating plan that is different from the other 19 days.  It consists of only protein and vegetables, six times a week.  The timing is awful and I didn’t take Memorial Day into consideration at all when I started the program.  I am hoping that I will just have grilled protein and grilled vegetables.  Sorry potato rolls and hand burger buns, potato salad and roared corn.  I will have to catch you another time (tears, sniff, rubbing eyes).  It’s cool.  It’s not like I never had it before or will never have it again.  It does kind of suck though, don’t you think?

Packet-Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Pepers

Packet-Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Peppers

(Click Image Above for Recipe)

So I promptly searched for recipes that I could make and have that would keep me in the spirit of grilling and spending time with my peoples.  I found this on Eating Well, so if you are trying to curb some calories this would make a great side (minus the beans for this weekend anyway).

Try it or some of the other recipes they have shared for a healthier eating this Memorial Day Weekend.




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