Journal Entry – May 24 through 27

May 24 thru 27– Days 140 thru 143


21 Day Fix is Done!

Double days are ovah!  Yay!  It worked me hard! On the last 3 days I followed a really restrictive meal plan. It takes all the guess-work out of eating which is great, BUT if you love the taste of food, you will be crying!  I just had to hunker down and get ‘er done!   I lost most of my weight during this period.  It’s kind of like being on a high protein low carb diet but more strict…lol.  It’s VERY interesting!  About 1/2 way through day two (2) I got into the groove and was like, “This is keeping me alive and giving me all the nutrition I need.”

21 Day Fix Weigh In (Special Edition)

Here are this week’s results. This was really good, given that I was coming back from some pretty poor nutrition choices from the week before.  In parentheses is the true loss from the true gain from the week before…lol

Weight: 2.5 lbs (+6.0 recovery…I know smh)

Chest: no change

Waist: no change

Hips: no change

Arm (L): 1/4 inch loss

Arm (R): no change

Thigh (L): 1/4 inch loss

Thigh (R): 1/4 inch loss

21 Day Fix Program Totals (3 Week Summary)

Weight Totals: 3.0 lbs

Chest Totals 1/4 inch

Waist Totals: 1/2 inch loss

Hips: no change

Arm (L): 1/2 inch loss

Arm (R): 1/4 inch loss

Thigh (L): 1/4 inch loss

Thigh (R): 1/4 inch loss


This is me on Memorial Day! Some cuts on the arms even at my size.

More Confessions

The eating plan is really great, but I was less than perfect on it as you guys know. What can I say.. I’m so human and still in the process of breaking old habits and patterns.  I fluctuated with my weight quite a bit and must say that on average I lost about eleven (11) pounds on this program.


Had my eating been on point I wouldn’t have lost it, then gained it back plus some then really put the petal to the metal and lost it again to have an overall weightless of 3.0 lbs.  Not on this program!  I got hung up on the containers. I over-indulged, which is only my fault and I take full responsibility for it.  That’s just the truth!

21 Day Fix is intense and like all Beachbody programs, focused on giving you results if you follow the program as close to what’s there as possible.  So I highly recommend it.

Challenge Group Starts June 9th

And I am focused to start anew with  my challengers.


I injured myself (ergo the Aspercreme), so I have been forced to take long slow walks in the park until I get myself better.  Then I’m going for it again, in high hear, on the designated date.  Not sure what I’ll be doing but we are taking this to the next level.  I have NOT lost my fire but I have been mosey-ing instead of trotting like I was in January!  No excuses!  I’m getting it done!

Cheers guys!



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