Journal Entry – May 28 through June 4

May 28 thru June 4– Days 144 thru 151

150 Days

One hundred and fifty days ago, I began my weightloss/fitness journey.  Wow, how things have changed for me, in this area, since I started my “New Beginnings Journal.”  I have completely transformed and have become a person who perseveres and continues to push the boundaries with my fitness.  I have gone from somewhat active, to very active.  You know when you do a BMI test and they ask about your activity level, well I can put very active.  I still have a long way to go, but I am much closer to my goals than I was before!


Over the past few days I can honestly say that I have given 150% to aggressively get my $#!% back together with my nutrition, which was, is and will always be a pain point for me.  I feel better, I’m guilt free and I’m focused.  I am very happy and grateful that it didn’t take too long either.  Whew!  Bullet dodged.  LOL


I started running this week after testing out that minor hamstring injury I had.  It is still pretty tight and my range of motion, when stretching it, is very decreased, but I know it will get better.  I am not pushing it.  It feels really good to run again, too.  I only do it three times a week, using my old reliable “Couch to 5K” app.  I love the cheerleaders in this app.


I have more speed, also.  Before when I ran, it was more a jog, but now it is more of a real run.  I will thank Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese for their high impact workouts that really helped with my stamina a pushing through, even when I was huffing and puffing.  Thanks guys..haha!

Regular Workouts 

I am alternating my run days with either Focus T25 Workouts or 21 Day Fix Workouts.  They compliment each other very nicely. I might do this for a while.  If I start getting antsy, then I will change it but I’m good for now.

Extra Workout Challenge

Shaun T does these 5 minute workouts on his Facebook Page that you do in addition to your regular workouts.  They are not easy. I opened my big mouth on Sunday and decided that I was going to do everyone this week.  I started on Tuesday a day behind and did a double on Wednesday.  It was tough.  I had to offer proof to my followers, so I made this short video…lol. I’m a movie director now!  Check me out!

Weigh in Status

I’m going to start posting my results again starting the week of June 9th.  I will pick up my results from where I left off so you won’t miss a thing.  Thank you and good night.


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