Journal Entry June 5 through June 10

June 5 thru June 10– Days 152 thru 157

Summer is Almost Here!

Am I bikini ready?  Hell no! BUT I am closer than I was earlier in the year. I’m going to go ahead and say that will not happen until next year.  This is a journey.  I will not be near naked in the sun for 2014.  I’m not boo-hooing over it.  I’m not even sure if that is my dream, but it could be a “just to do and push the limits of your mind” kind of goal.

Wellness Warrior

In addition to being a coach I have tried to define what I have evolved into, in this fitness arena.  I’m not an exercise guru or nutty nutritionist.  I often talk about my life, especially as it relates to fitness from a holistic perspective.  Wellness Warrior came to mind because, let’s face it, transformation happens from the inside out. There are a lot of us out there.

Being a wellness warrior involves a lot of things other than the habit of exercise and the process of eating well.  You mind has to change, your heart has to change, something has to really get you to move your tush and do all the things mentioned.  This is what I have turned into.  It has transcended beyond fitness where I start applying that warrior mentality to other things — to not give up and be strong and persistent.  You have to make changes that affect your life not just your workout and nutrition routines. It really is a beautiful thing.  I am very happy and proud to be a Wellness Warrior.

Running and Governor’s Ball

I went to Governors’s Ball this weekend.  Below is a picture of Damian Marley, who I LOVE.  I also did get to see Miss Janelle Monae and a bunch of other cool artists!  My legs are still killing me because I have been nonstop with running and exercise only to stand and or dance for hours listening to some really great music over the weekend with my friends.


Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley at Governor’s Ball NY

I didn’t tap out and went right into the week with an exercise video on Monday and straight into running the following day.  I’m up to over 2 miles which is kind of cool, even though it is a run/walk program.

Must say….I cannot wait for my rest day.



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