Journal Entry – July 14 through July 20

July 14 thru July 20– Days 191 thru  197

Great Weather

When the weather is great, it is the best time to do some workouts outside without worrying too much about heat exhaustion.  New York has been cruising with some really nice days that are supposed to continue this week so I will be outside trying to get to this 5K doing a full run this week.


I found a really cool video to help with where you should measure for consistency.  I found it after I took my measurements for this week of course, but that’s ok.  My measurements will change somewhat, but it is better to be accurate than not.  You guys know, I have had challenges with measurements.  The Myotape helps loads but this video gave clear ways to get accuracy.  Take a look.

What the…?

Speaking of measurements, I weighted in and I gained another pound. Check it out

Weight: l lb (gain)

Waist (in inches): 1/4  loss

Chest (in inches): no change

Right Arm (in inches): 1/4 lb gain

Left Arm (in inches): 1/2 inch gain

Right Thigh (loss in inches): 1/4 inch gain

Left Thigh (loss in inches): 1/2 inch gain

I lost a smidgen on the waist and other places that I don’t document above, but overall I could have done better.  I’m not too bummed.  I worked my bum off this week and I am very proud of my workout achievements. This is only week three on the new program.  I will persevere!

Live PiYo Class

I took a live PiYo class this weekend with my coach who is a certified instructor for PiYo.  I loved it.  It was challenging, but it was so good.  If you can find a PiYo class locally, then you should try to take it.  It’s for both men and women, athletes and anyone looking to increase their flexibility.

Try This

I have to tell you that the pineapples as a garnish to this (as shown in the picture) is really good!  You can choose an alternative fruit, but the pineapple is a winner.

Spicy Honey Glazed Chicken Breast

If you like fruit with your protein, then this is going to blow your mind.  Click he picture for the recipe.  Enjoy!


Journal Entry – July 6 through July 13

July 6 thru July 13– Days 183 thru  190

Week Two 

This week Chalene introduced a new workout.  Low HIIT 20.  It’s a High Intensity workout where you go hard for one minute.  I LOVE this kind of training because you really can do anything for one minute! The music is great, the moves are easy to follow and you really are in control of the intensity.  I look forward to it.  I also ran this week.  I was able to run for 22 minutes straight, in addition to my regular workouts.

Squat Challenge

A few weeks back I embarked on a 30 Day squat challenge with a friend who was like “do it with me.”  So, I did.  I didn’t take before pics which would have been pretty cool, but I definitely had some lower body changes.  I have a fairly flat booty so I need help in this area.  Haha, so I welcomed the challenge.  By the end, I was up to 250 squats in one day!  It BURNED!  Haha, but it was tough but good and I felt like I accomplished something.  We are starting another challenge. Two in fact: Arms and also Abs.  YIKES!


Umm…Brazil lost and Germany won Germany then went on to win the cup against Argentina.  That’s all I have to say about that.  I’m good.

Biscoff Spread is the Devil…

…BUT it’s so good though!  I don’t even know why I brought it into the house.  It’s like a Costco sized jar of the stuff.


It’s not that it’s horrible, it’s just that for as good as it tastes, it has NO nutritional value.  If it had nuts in it, even if it was fortified with something, anything, I would be able to make a case for it.  It doesn’t.  So this is pure guilty indulgence.  I am putting it in the back of the cabinet.  I need to start enlisting that good cheat meal again. Remember that?  I made that good, good meal after I finished Alpha Cycle of Focus T25?!  That worked well.  I have to bring it back to basics.


Here are my results for this week.  I’ll tell you.  I expected better, but I’m ok with it because I shrank in inches, but I’m ready to push past this weight total that I have been hovering around for a bit.

Weight: l lb (gain)

Waist (in inches): 1/2  loss

Chest (in inches): no change

Right Arm (in inches): 1/4 inch loss

Left Arm (in inches): no change

Right Thigh (loss in inches): 1/2 inch loss

Left Thigh (loss in inches): 1/2 inch loss


Journal Entry – June 26 through July 6

June 26 thru July 6– Days 174 thru  183

New Workout (started on Monday June 30th)

I started a new workout program this week and I must say that it is different from the intensity of a 25 or 30 minute workout.  I think I got a little spoiled doing more in less time.  I understand why.  It’s because I got results doing it that way.  It’s like, “why mess with a good thing right?”


Well, I enjoy change and I love Chalene Johnson.  Everything from her bouncy energy to her jokes and her excitement when “her song” comes on.  Like all the instructors and their jokes, she makes me laugh and I forget about how long I am working out because I am having fun.

Sick in Summer

I didn’t expect to get sick in the summer.  I expected to do my workouts indoors and run in the park.  Instead, I got hit with strep throat (ick), fatigue and a fever on Wednesday!  It really wiped me out too.  I couldn’t run.  I did my Chalene workouts, but really, it was a pathetic effort.  I even did the squats for my 30 day squat challenge.  I know, I’m a warrior.  Haha.  Truthfully, I didn’t want to let my challengers, my readers or myself down.  I worked, but rested when I had to and I am finally starting to feel better even if it takes a while for me to get back to one-hundred percent.

STATurday Results

I haven’t been taking weekly stats besides weight.  I have that stats that I started out with at the very beginning, which I compared to now so I am going to give you a summary.  I will report from this point forward.  Check it out!

Weight Loss Summary: 41.5 lbs. (I lost 1 lb. this week YAY!)

Waist Summary (loss in inches): 4 inches

Chest Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/4

Right Arm Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/5

Left Arm Summary(loss in inches): 2 1/4

Right Thigh Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/2

Left Thigh Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/2

And that’s it!  Have a super good week, make it a good one, stay motivated and  get it done!



Happy 4th of July!!

Fireworks and American flag


It’s kind of gray and damp in NYC, but I can still smell the charcoal from those who have still decided to fire up the grill.  My buddies are in Maine where I should be, but besides having to do A LOT of work and getting hit with a ’bout of strep throat I’m pretty much dead in the water for a long weekend of celebration.  BOOOOO!  I’ll miss the fun but am hopeful that what I put in today will pay off tomorrow.


FIFA – Brazil

I’m sorry if you are rooting for the other team!  Good Luck Brazil! …Yuuuupppppiiiii! Let’s go!



Stay dry, have fun and be safe in all you do this holiday weekend!

My Music – Sam Smith

It’s all about my dude right here!  Legit, his voice is the truth! You may have fallen in love with his voice when he was featured on Disclosure’s song “Latch” that was big on the DJ scene last year.  We played that record to death.  Radio is getting turned on to it now, but Sam Smith has been a songwriter for a while.  Now, it’s his turn to be up front and center.

I love live music so here is “Stay With Me” from his debut album The Lonely Hour.   He performed on Saturday Night Live.  You know you will be crying after you listen to it.  hahaha!