Journal Entry – June 26 through July 6

June 26 thru July 6– Days 174 thru  183

New Workout (started on Monday June 30th)

I started a new workout program this week and I must say that it is different from the intensity of a 25 or 30 minute workout.  I think I got a little spoiled doing more in less time.  I understand why.  It’s because I got results doing it that way.  It’s like, “why mess with a good thing right?”


Well, I enjoy change and I love Chalene Johnson.  Everything from her bouncy energy to her jokes and her excitement when “her song” comes on.  Like all the instructors and their jokes, she makes me laugh and I forget about how long I am working out because I am having fun.

Sick in Summer

I didn’t expect to get sick in the summer.  I expected to do my workouts indoors and run in the park.  Instead, I got hit with strep throat (ick), fatigue and a fever on Wednesday!  It really wiped me out too.  I couldn’t run.  I did my Chalene workouts, but really, it was a pathetic effort.  I even did the squats for my 30 day squat challenge.  I know, I’m a warrior.  Haha.  Truthfully, I didn’t want to let my challengers, my readers or myself down.  I worked, but rested when I had to and I am finally starting to feel better even if it takes a while for me to get back to one-hundred percent.

STATurday Results

I haven’t been taking weekly stats besides weight.  I have that stats that I started out with at the very beginning, which I compared to now so I am going to give you a summary.  I will report from this point forward.  Check it out!

Weight Loss Summary: 41.5 lbs. (I lost 1 lb. this week YAY!)

Waist Summary (loss in inches): 4 inches

Chest Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/4

Right Arm Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/5

Left Arm Summary(loss in inches): 2 1/4

Right Thigh Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/2

Left Thigh Summary (loss in inches): 2 1/2

And that’s it!  Have a super good week, make it a good one, stay motivated and  get it done!




2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – June 26 through July 6

  1. Excellent progress!!! I think that getting sick in the summer is the worst. Not that I like it in the winter, but at least the weather is crappy out and I don’t feel so bad about not going out. I hope that you’re feeling better!

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