Journal Entry – July 6 through July 13

July 6 thru July 13– Days 183 thru  190

Week Two 

This week Chalene introduced a new workout.  Low HIIT 20.  It’s a High Intensity workout where you go hard for one minute.  I LOVE this kind of training because you really can do anything for one minute! The music is great, the moves are easy to follow and you really are in control of the intensity.  I look forward to it.  I also ran this week.  I was able to run for 22 minutes straight, in addition to my regular workouts.

Squat Challenge

A few weeks back I embarked on a 30 Day squat challenge with a friend who was like “do it with me.”  So, I did.  I didn’t take before pics which would have been pretty cool, but I definitely had some lower body changes.  I have a fairly flat booty so I need help in this area.  Haha, so I welcomed the challenge.  By the end, I was up to 250 squats in one day!  It BURNED!  Haha, but it was tough but good and I felt like I accomplished something.  We are starting another challenge. Two in fact: Arms and also Abs.  YIKES!


Umm…Brazil lost and Germany won Germany then went on to win the cup against Argentina.  That’s all I have to say about that.  I’m good.

Biscoff Spread is the Devil…

…BUT it’s so good though!  I don’t even know why I brought it into the house.  It’s like a Costco sized jar of the stuff.


It’s not that it’s horrible, it’s just that for as good as it tastes, it has NO nutritional value.  If it had nuts in it, even if it was fortified with something, anything, I would be able to make a case for it.  It doesn’t.  So this is pure guilty indulgence.  I am putting it in the back of the cabinet.  I need to start enlisting that good cheat meal again. Remember that?  I made that good, good meal after I finished Alpha Cycle of Focus T25?!  That worked well.  I have to bring it back to basics.


Here are my results for this week.  I’ll tell you.  I expected better, but I’m ok with it because I shrank in inches, but I’m ready to push past this weight total that I have been hovering around for a bit.

Weight: l lb (gain)

Waist (in inches): 1/2  loss

Chest (in inches): no change

Right Arm (in inches): 1/4 inch loss

Left Arm (in inches): no change

Right Thigh (loss in inches): 1/2 inch loss

Left Thigh (loss in inches): 1/2 inch loss



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