Journal Entry July 21 through August 11

July 21 thru Aug 11– Days 198 thru  219

Where Have I Been?

I missed blogging but I have good reason for being MIA.  I attended Romance Writers of America and was very busy getting my books done so that I could be confident when pitching to publishers.  The conference was GREAT!  It was my first one and I am happy to say that it was a successful conference for me.  I was able to meet a lot of people, some amazing first-timers as well and I even met the iconic Nora Roberts and Sylvia Day to name a few.  Here I am below with them and some really handsome cowboys. Super fun times!


They were both exceptionally nice and respectful to us as fans and peers!  I was really happy and felt like I had found my people.  I was truly grateful and blessed to have that experience and meet so many wonderful people who are on the same path.  Unfortunately, my blog posting suffered, but I have even more great news.

New Blog

I have a new blog that I wanted to tell you about.  This one is more specific to my writing career and will also talk about fitness from the perspective of Jen the writer.  One thing about writing is that it is highly sedentary..  You are using your brain muscles, but you body, though alive (especially in romance) is not active.  I realized the impact of not being active and gaining weight quickly and my fitness journey has helped me realize that as a writer I really need to be super active.  It not only helps me keep the pounds off, but it helps me creatively as well.  As writers, we create stories everywhere; in the car, jogging, cleaning, shopping and doing regular things.  Being more active can only help with process.  So I have a new passion to reach out to writers, authors, researchers and editors to be more active.  It works.  My new blog  is under construction:, but I will let you know when it is on the go, but bookmark it!  Yay!  I’m excited.

Workouts and Results

I have been doing my workouts and eating pretty well.  I lost 5 lbs last week but that is after gaining some from my trip where I had less access to the foods I normally prepare at home and I only had time to exercise once on the treadmill and do my Ab and Arm challenge exercises.  Here’s my transformation so far.  I know it’s long overdo.


I have recovered though and I am back on track.  This is an ongoing struggle.  I retook all my measurements using the video that I posted a few weeks back and boy are they different!  I don’t even know how to really deliver the information for you here without screwing it up royally so I am going to start from this new base and report going forward.

Aggressive August Goals

I’d like to lose 12 lbs this month.  I lost 5 then gained 2 so that brings me to 3 lbs toward my goal and 9 more to go. It will be very difficult to do but I think that I can do it.  Let’s face it, 12 lbs is a lot, so if I hit 10 I will be happy with that.  I’m basically trying to pull away from these high numbers.

Thanks for putting up with my absence.  Please bear with me while I try to sort out my new schedule and new demands on my time.  I promise to be more consistent in the coming weeks.


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry July 21 through August 11

    • Thanks so much! I love your new profile pic! Yay!! I realize that I have been on a kind of maintenance, maybe about 30 minutes ago…LOL. Gonna be starting something new soon so that should help up the ante!

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