Journal Entry – August 12 through 18

Aug 6 thru 18– Days 214 thru  226

Workout Buddy

I am working out with a buddy.  A few actually.  One for the 30 Day Arm and Abs Challenge I’ve been doing and another one on Wednesday mornings.  She’s another coach who is also doing Turbo Fire.  It’s a lot of fun to workout with someone.  It really gets your energy up and keeps you accountable for another person.  I highly suggest it, even if it’s an online workout buddy.

Pre-Workout Tips

I thought this was great when I saw it.  I shared it with my challenge group a few days ago and now I’m sharing it with you.  As they say, “Each one, teach one, reach one.”  I do some of these already as I’m sure you might as well.  Check  it out.

My first Vegan Cake

I took a vegan baking class with my sister at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and it was great!


What I have come to realize is that the ingredients are a bit more expensive than regular ingredients of course and making the cake is not as complex as the frosting!  Wow!  I think that alone was about a two-hour process.  The cake I made was a vanilla cake which wasn’t my favorite. The chocolate passed the Jen test, but there was an orange one that was off the charts delicious!  I was super impressed.  My sister made a raspberry one which was a close second.  The texture is definitely different and the cake is dense.  I still can’t get over the complexity of the frosting though.  Take a class and try it out for yourself.  I think it’s worth it for anyone, especially with the changing dietary requirements of the people we know.


I maintained  in inches this week, but I did gain a lb.   I’m hoping that’s in muscle.  I added in weights again.  It has been a few weeks since I used hand weights.  Turbo Fire uses using body weight and positioning for body conditioning, though they do use light hand glove type things that I enjoy using.  I’m good with the cardio, but I mentioned that I was missing the weights. So I have made some adjustments and added some alternating days of T25 Gamma Pyramid and Extreme Circuit to shred these muscles.  LOL

There is a jacket I have that I have been dying to wear this Fall.   I have another inch and a half to lose on my arms before I can fit loosely into it.  I will kindly be showing that to you when it happens!  Here are the numbers (or lack there of).

Weight: l lb gain

Waist (in inches): no change

Chest (in inches): no change

Right Arm (in inches): no change

Left Arm (in inches): no change

Right Thigh (loss in inches): no change

Left Thigh (loss in inches): no change

End of the Challenges….

…THAT NEARLY KILLED ME.  The 3o Day Arm Challenge was bad enough, but then the 30 Day Ab Challenge that my and my friend added was RIDICULOUS.  My bum is still aching from doing sit-ups.  and I ended last week Tuesday!  It was serious!  So glad they are over and I hope to NEVER do them again..LOL!  I do not have abs of steel, but I’m sure it helped.  If you ever want to put yourself through the pain, just Google 30 Day Ab Challenge.  There are a bunch of different challenges, like the squat one that I started out with, but these are no joke!

Fresh Corn Cakes with Pulled Pork


This is so delicious that I can’t stand it.  One thing you don’t have to do is make all the corn cakes.  You can freeze the batter or half the recipe.  You may also not be a big fan of pork, have chicken or dare I say tofu or Gardein.  Whatever you pleasure, this is such a sweet and savory explosion in your mouth that I know you are going to love.  So, try it!


2 thoughts on “Journal Entry – August 12 through 18

    • Thank! It totally is! I was like whoa! There was a guy in the class who was totally vegan and I was like, how are you living. the other vegetarians in the class were impressed! haha.

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