Journal Entry – Aug 19 thru 29

Aug 19 thru 31– Days 227 thru  239 (Can you believe it is day 239!?)


Creative Wellness Retreat

I am embarking on a 90 Day Creative Wellness Retreat starting September 1st.  I’m not physically going anywhere, it’s more a way of life and being: foundation, practice and principle.  It’s a challenge in a sense where my focus is achieve some serious goals that I have both physically and mentally and clear the mental clutter.


You ever get to those moments where you have deja vu?  Well, that’s where I am now.  I’ve been here before.  I’ve had success with weight loss, I’ve had my “it’s time to change my life” moments and I never quite understood what exactly is the moment or the even that happens where you just give up.  It’s never a big decision, right?  It’s small, seemingly insignificant behaviors that revert back to bad habits and lack of motivation to keep going.

This is not where I am by any means, BUT I could be and not even know it.  This is why I blog this fitness journey.  It’s as much of an accountability to you as it is to me.  A new 90 Day retreat to focus, schedule and focus on my dreams and goals sounds like perfect timing.

P90x3 Say Whaaaaahhhhttt?

Yeah.  I’m doing it starting September 1st.  Oh jeez!  I’m scared…LOL.  I know I can do it, but it’s like the first day of school with a new teacher.  Will I like him?  Will I get good grades?!!  Will I fail?  Don’t worry!  You’ll be there for every moment of it.

My Feet Hurt

That moment when you realize that you are no longer 19 years old.  I can run, Burpee and jack with the best of them (only for just slightly over 5K), but I feel the pain a lot on some days.  Yay Aspercreme!  For now, that is.  Hopefully, that, some rest and some an anti-inflammatory regimen will help cure all my ills.

WARNING: Temptalicious Food Sites

I was looking at some Labor Day artwork the other day and as luck would have it I stumbled on some food sites that were all about the comfort.  Did I promptly shut down the pages?  Hell no.  I love looking at that stuff and go down memory lane, but it also helps me to get creative and say, how can I make this a healthy option. Sometimes you can’t but it still looks good!  Click the delicious looking cake below, but remember….I did warn you.


And the Winner Is….

…Me!  I did well with my results the week of August 23rd. The thigh is still a tricky measurement so it may be completely right or way off.

Weight: 5 lb (loss)

Waist: 1/2 inch loss

Chest: 1/4 inch loss

Right Arm: 1/4 inch loss

Left Arm: 1/2 inch loss

Right Thigh 3/4 inch loss

Left Thigh : 1 inch loss

This is great momentum that I hope to keep up as I start the next phase of this journey.


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