Journal Entry – Sept 1 through September 7

Sept 1 thru 7– Days 240 thru  247

P90x3 – Week 1

Holy cow!  Which part of me thought that this was a good idea!  LOL.  Actually this is a really great program. If I told you that I didn’t have my doubts after failing miserably to do one pull-up, I would be lying!!  This is a serious program designed to work you hard and good in 30 minutes.  It works muscle groups that I knew existed, but never worked like this before.  Wow!

From plyometrics, pull up/chin ups and  yoga to military presses and Pilates, this program has it all.  It really does cover a wide range of exercises and your body is constantly confused because the workouts change.  I was a little bit excited to see what was next, but scared as well, haha.  There are modifications, but I have to further modify some stuff like using a chair to assist with pull ups and chin ups or yoga blocks to help with some of those moves.

I stuck with the week and it got more challenging, but I was motivated and ready to go everyday. Sore and all!

The nutrition plan is GREAT.  I was really surprised by how much more food I was required to eat.  Was I not eating enough before?  This was almost twice as much! What is really cool about the program is that there are a lot of explanations and literature so that you understand why you are doing certain moves.  Learning about the science behind it is quite the learning experience.


I thought it would be complicated, but it really is very simple:  Exercise and eat well.  This is a first class program that really is geared toward getting results, just like with all Beachbody programs.

I’m really excited to see my results every 30 days (which is suggested), but most of all what my results will be like after 90 Days!


Stats and Weigh In

So I definitely loss this week but  though I normally only weigh in once a week I did experience about a 3 lbs gain between now and my last post so though I lost 5 lbs it rounds down to 2 lbs with the gain.

Weight: 2 lb (loss)

Waist: 1/4 inch loss

Chest: no change

Right Arm: no change

Left Arm: no change

Right Thigh: no change

Left Thigh : 1/4 inch gain ?

Need a Pre-Workout?

Well here is a neat recipe I found that uses you basic coffee.  Try it and let me know if it gives you that kick you need for you workout.

Star-buffs shake

1 cup iced coffee

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

Have a good one guys!


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