Journal Entry – Sept 9 through 16

Sept 9 thru 16– Days 248 thru  255

P90x3 – Week 2

I’m halfway through Block-1 of the program already!!!  The 90-Day program is split into three Blocks.  You can equate a Block to a 3-week schedule of the same workouts with a transition week (new workouts) before going into the next Block (more new workouts).  Oh yeah!  Body confusion is in full effect!

I still can’t do chin ups and pull-ups unassisted.  SURPRISE!!  haha.  I LOVE the program so I’m ok with that.  I think that will come eventually.  Two things have to happen: 1) I need to get lighter and 2) I need to build upper body strength.  So I’m not beating myself up over that too much.  However, there is one move that I am officially calling my “challenge move.”


It’s called Plow/Halasana.  You do it out of the Boat Pose and you just alternate between the two. This Plow move seems to be the one move that I think to myself, “Why the F#$% can’t I do this one?”   I’ll tell you why…FEAR anD FLEXIBILITY (with a side of abdominal strength)!!!

I have never tumbled as a child at least not to my recollection.   When I was old enough to have memories, I remember always fearing somersaults.  Well, when you do this move it’s like being stuck in somersault in a sense.  If you look at the image above, that shows the range of motion for this move, #2 of the four figures is where I’m at.  It may as well be #1.  Hahahaha.

I’m not discouraged.  My goal is to get to image #3 because if I try to do image #4, my ‘lady lumps’ will be on my forehead and I would have suffocated myself. 🙂 I will conquer this move by he end of this program.

Running is Off the Menu

I have stopped running regularly so that I can focus on P90x3.  I wanted to know what was going on with my body and workouts without the additional stresses from other workouts.  So, running is off the menu – for now.  It also gives my feet and joints a break from the pounding of a 40 -60 minute runs I was doing.

STATurday Results

Stats were ok this week.  Pretty normal for me and I’m glad that most everything has either gone down or stayed the same.  No complaints here, except for one.

Weight: 1.5 lb (loss)

Waist: 1/4 inch loss

Chest: no change:  (WTH? no movement for 7 weeks!)

Right Arm: no change

Left Arm: no change

Right Thigh: 1/4 inch loss

Left Thigh : no change


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