Journal Entry September 25 through October 1

Sept 25 thru Oct 1– Days 264 thru  270


I had to start this entry off with a delectable recipe for Autumn!  I am going apple picking this weekend so I am super excited to make this.  The thought of roasted apples sounds super yummy and gives me a lot of ideas for other healthy recipes.  Again if you are not a pork eater, go for chicken or even a heartier fish.


Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Onions


P90x3 – Week 5  – Block 2

I LOVE Block 2 so far.  I have only done 2 days and when x3 Yoga came up for Wednesday, I was so happy because I was so sore that when I got out of bed to workout, I nearly cried at the thought of doing anything that looked or sounded like a pull-up, chin-up burpee, squat or….let’s just say all exercises! Haha.  The yoga felt really good! Funny thing is that I’m totally happy because I know my body is getting WORKED!

So, I am going to be honest about my eating.  I fell off with the alcohol and some treats over about 2 days and I sort of paid for it because it was close to my weigh in.  Oh well.. I have to report the good with the bad.  And this is BAD!  LOL.  This week will be a better week come STATurday!

Weight:  3 lb gain

It looks so lonely there doesn’t it?  As previously advertised I will be reporting my measurements only once a month as recommended.  So for the next 4 weeks you’ll be seeing the weight all by its lonesome.


Some of you know that one of my first posts of the year, when I first started my fitness journey, was about gaining 20 lbs during the holiday season!  Well this year my goal is to LOSE 20 lbs during this holiday season  between October 13 and December 28.  I am putting it out there and if you want to join me let me know.  I am running an online fitness challenge group on Facebook called Holiday 20 (H2O), for anyone wanting to participate.  Contact me for details and cost in the comments!



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