Journal Entry – October 2 through 8

Oct 2 thru Oct 8– Days 271 thru  277

P90 week 5

Still feeling it! I realized when doing some of these exercises that I am not using a heavy enough weight, which means I have gotten stronger! Yay!! Did I tell you already that I’m in love with Block 2? Well it’s worth repeating…haha

I have noticed a significant change in my stamina. This is from doing things around the house to walking up a few flights of stairs or up steep hills and wondering why my breathing is still quite normal! No joke!  I am actually looking forward to redoing the fit test at the end of the program in another month or so.


Counting Calories

You know I hate this right? I’m doing it. Why? Because I was noticing that I was either getting too many or too little calories. It’s a painful process sometimes but other times I feel quite knowledgeable knowing off-hand how much a half a banana is or a cup of kale or a tablespoon of Chia seeds is. I’m a brania, right now! It has been paying off as well.


Weekly Weigh in and Transformation

Here are the weigh-in for the week with gratuitous trans formation pic.

Weight loss 3.5 lbs.



Not bad given that I had gained last week but I’m feeling in the groove now. I know calories in and out and my workouts only increase that. I feel more in control and maybe this was the step I needed to take to get over the hump and into a new perspective about my nutrition and fitness routine!


Recipe Alert

I posted this on IG yesterday. If you are not yet a follower, check me out. My @ is jn_welsh and is also on the photo. I used Shakeology for this recipe but you can use whatever protein powder or meal replacement shake (better) you like. Also, if you add a half a banana, it’s even better.  Have a great week and weekend my blogosphere fellows!



5 thoughts on “Journal Entry – October 2 through 8

    • Remember when I started!!!??? Wow…now I know why they say take before and after photos. If you asked me I would tell you I haven’t changed. Thanks for all the months of support!!! You have been the most awesomest!

      • I do remember! It seems like yesterday, but it’s been months and months. I guess that’s why they call it a journey. It really is rewarding for me to see the success that you’ve worked for and I plan to be here for your future success as well. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy that you have been inspired by my blog. Knowing that makes it all worth all so much more worth it. The weightless journey takes time, but it is possible. I still have a ways to go, but I’m nearing my goal!!

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