Journal Entry – October 9 through 15

Oct 9 thru Oct 15– Days 278 thru  284

P90x3 Week 6

Writing down what I am eating and the calorie count is really helping me. I’m still struggling to meet the high caloric intake especially with quality calories, but I am doing a lot better during the week, even on the weekend. That is with the exception of Sunday.  I attended a Fall Festival on Sunday and it was amazing, but the food choices were less than ideal.  It’s a festival after all and I had to be there with my students who adore.  I tried to stick to soup and corn and for the most part I did ok, but I was hungry and not prepared with my own snacks and food.  I had to attend a birthday right after and I kind of went overboard there.  The food was good and I had little inhibition.  I wrote it all down! It was ugly, but I wrote it down….LOL

Next week is the transition week.  It’s a tough week, but it good to whip you awake. I’m also going to be doing a little something different with my nutrition.  I think it’s going to be AMAZING, but I also feel like these workouts coming up in Block 3 are about to get super extreme.


Weekly Weigh In

The scale headed in the right direction this week so I’m happy about that.  This weigh in was before Sunday, so I am a little concerned with the treacherous weekend eating.

Weight: 2lb loss

I already have some water retention and bloating issues (TMI), but it will pass.  I’ll let you know what occurs with my results on my next weigh in. This week, however, we have success.


Holiday 20 (H20) is Off and Running

The clock started on October 13th and will run through December 28th.  It’s exactly 11 weeks.  The group officially started and I am looking forward to losing 20 lbs because it will help me pass some milestones .  I think that it’s gonna be a real challenge but that it is possible.  I am determined and so are my challengers.  It’s so cool that I can help people stay accountable with their health and fitness.  I’m glad that I mess up here and there and that I’m not perfect because I am like so many out there who are making it happen despite the pitfalls and going for it!


Pumpkin Chia Almond Butter

I love ending my posts with a recipe, but I have to tell you the story first.  Recently a friend of mine make greek yogurt with almond butter and I was pretty surprised by how delicious this was.  I didn’t even miss the sweetness from say agave or stevia.  It was creamy and tasty. I tried it a second time and added apple and cinnamon because it’s AUTUMN!

So when I came across this beauty of a recipe I had to share it.  It had me at pumpkin and all I have been doing since is dreaming about how good this must taste.  I may make it this weekend!  Oh yes, this is a new favorite, even though I haven’t even tried it yet!  You can easily make this at home, too! Enjoy!




One thought on “Journal Entry – October 9 through 15

  1. That recipe looks awsome! I made some pumpkin pie from home grown pumpkins and our own eggs from chickens. I made the mistake of adding too much clove. That stuff is powerful! Anyway, this recipe that you’ve shared is something that I’ll try. I’ve wanted to add chia to my diet, and this fits the bill. Best of luck with your next milestone, keep it going!


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