Journal Entry – October 16 through 27

Oct 16 thru Oct 27– Days 285 thru  296

P90x3 Weeks 7 & 8

I am in my last Block of P90x3!  I have been feeling good and I can see some changes but I’m waiting until the end.  It’s kind of like waiting to open a Christmas present! ME!!!  I know it is only 3 months and the weight-loss is slow and steady, but it is still progress which I am really happy about.

This last week (week 8), I really upped my game.  I started a really clean eating menu during my transition week (week 8) and I really made some progress.  It was really low in calorie count and had nothing processed really.  Though the calorie count was low, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything at all (except when people asked me too many questions about what I could eat!)

My only really challenging moments came when I had a passing bug.  I had a slight fever and I refused to take any medicine or vitamin C because I didn’t want to mess up the diet. Also doctor told me to stop taking Tylenol when I got a fever unless it was 102.  I am not your doctor and I am not prescribing that you do this, but I listened to her.  Low and behold my bug was over in 48 hours.  I still had some fatigue but I was on the mend!

Weigh In,  Say What?

So how did this week’s weigh in go?

8 lb loss

It was pretty cool to lose that much in a week, but don’t kid yourself if you think that it’s going to stay that way.  Given the calorie deficit of this diet it is only natural that even when increasing slowly that I will gain some of it back.  Don’t be surprised if I report a bit of a gain next week.  In the end it will probably round off to about a 4 or 5 lb loss, which is still GREAT!  I’ll take it.  That’s 5 lbs. toward my Holiday 20 goal!  I’m already ahead of the game.

Free Clean Eating Challenge Starting November 3rd

If anyone is interested in getting similar results and cleaning up your food intake, I want to let you know that I am hosting a FREE Clean Eating Challenge group!  There is not purchase involved.  Post in the comments below if you are interested or click the menu to the right and message me on Facebook and I will give you some simple instructions on how to join!  It’s SOOOOOO much fun!  LOL

Here’s a Vegan Halloween Treat

Remember that vegan cooking class I took this summer?  Well, it has come in pretty handy so far.  So, in the spirit of  Halloween, here is a yummy ghostly treat that is sure to please!  If you make it, tell me how yours came out!  Enjoy and make it a super fun holiday!


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry – October 16 through 27

  1. Wow! Congratulations! That is awesome!!! I’ll have to check out the cupcake recipe pretty quickly, with Halloween in just a few days. It would be cool to have those ready for Friday night. 🙂

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