Happy New Year!

2014! Wow. This is going to be a great year for us. Watch! Here’s my new look. Check out my new categories. Looking forward to sharing with you all this year.


First Draft in 30 Days!

Wow!! This is going to be an interesting 30 days! So impressed and supportive!

The Write Push

Yes. You are reading that correctly. Rough draft ready in 30 days!

Maybe that’s not such a big deal anymore. Many authors are familiar with NANOWRIMO, an annual novel writing project that helps authors kick-start a new project or finish a current one. But there are two things that keep me from joining NANOWRIMO…

1) My characters just won’t let me wait until November.
2) I’m not really a joiner. I’m more of a firebrand…a rebel. I kinda like to do things my own way and on my own time. 😉

My upcoming work-in-progress will be a science fiction/paranormal novella series, and my goal is to flesh out a rough draft of the first three episodes. The working title for the series is COVENANT. I’ll share more about the series soon. Here is a loose idea of my timeline on this project:

Week 1 – Character sketches, plot sketches…

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Hello all!

I have slowed my entries a bit but stay connected! I have a couple things coming your way. Of course there will be more Green Plates as well as my usual random ramblings and “deep” thoughts!!

I wanted to share a few blessings with you! Of course first and foremost is the super weather we have had with the exception of some days here and there.

I celebrated yet another brilliant birthday and I was blessed to graduate recently, still making mama and papa bear proud! I was also blessed to finish one book of romance and I am starting another (publishing dates are way down the line but will keep you posted).

I performed at my first violin recital just this past Saturday! I hit a few poor notes but I hear I had great stage presence even with nerves and a shaky bow!!

I went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in NY, danced all day and met some super people!! I was exhausted but you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

I am in DJ school (hobbiest for now) and having a splendid time! Big ups to Scratch DJ Academy. I have the honor of meeting some awesome turn table-ists who know their ish! I also found out that Kaskade who I adore is playing some big rooms on a small tour! AND HE I COMING TO NY!!! I am thrilled! Pray for me that I get tickets!!

My good friend returned from abroad, I am reconnecting with old friends, my closest friends continue to amaze me with their love and support and people from my old job who promised to stay in touch actually are!! Must say, I lost a few along the way but that is a blessing too!

For all of this, I am blessed and grateful and thank God for His love, guidance and protection to continue to have all these wonderful things happen to me and all these extraordinary people in my life! I can only sing His praises!

Thank You, thank You!

So I just wanted to share and look forward to blogging more soon! Share your blessings with me in the meantime!


Time is a funny thing.  Depending on your perspective it can either be used well or poorly.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I need to make a change, but time can also be deceiving, pulling you into its spell and hypnotizing you into believing that you have a lot of it, even when you say, “I don’t have any time.”

I have been working at a company for almost 7 years where at least once a day I had mentioned to myself that I needed to make a change.  Well, sometimes change is initiated by you or sometimes change is thrust upon you.  Let the thrusting begin!

When you leave a place you have been at for 7 years, everyone at the company is losing one soul.  The person leaving, however is losing multiple souls and all at once.  If you are all “about the people,” like me, then this is excruciating, no matter how gentle the exiting process is.  You worry that you have forgotten someone in you email, you rush to give everyone a hug, you decide on how much you share and you have to make a clear distinction, in your emotional state, on how you wish  to connect with people going forward.

You are also sad.  Even if you are ready to go, are presented daily with reasons why this is a good choice, and hopeful about your future and your ability to land on your feet, your are still nervous and fearful and did I mention sad?

This is what transition feels like.

I take a few deep breaths and continue to smile because that is what I do whether I am angry and even if I’m said.  I put on some music and dance the blues away because that’s what I do.  Someone gave me a great saying today.  She said, “Every morning when you get up, say to yourself Today is going to be a great day!”  Thank you VO!  That mantra starts today.

So, here’s to transition!  May it be grueling if it must, dark and confusing at moments, but in the end be the start of great change, resulting in many great days!

Today I am living for my people in the Favelas

In my recent trip to Brazil I visited the Rio Favelas.  This was a very insightful trip.  It was interesting and fun to ride a motor bike up to the top, clinging fearfully to a man I didn’t know (lol).  It was fabulous to see the views of all these manmade homes and this community that has taken on a life of its own.  Yet the people still dance, laugh and have what I truly believe is the most entrepreneurial spirit ever.  Everything there is gotten by one mean or another.

When I was there, I bought artwork from an artist in the community, pastries from a store owner, and bracelets from the women lining one of the pathways through the community.

Their life is tough.  I know we always talk about how easy we have it and sometimes we say this without any real connection to another human being.  For me, I remember, and these women selling the bracelets were my connection.  One of the women had one child on her hip and 2 others – one at the side of the table and one standing next to her.  This is her work to help support her family; to make and sell bracelets to tourists coming into their community to see how “we” live in the Favelas.  Yeah..her life is not easy by any means.

Sometimes we think we have nothing to offer.  We have our own bills to pay and our own lives to forge or take a break from, but I, like many others sometimes focus so much on the things I want from life or someone else, and not the things I have to offer to someone else.  So today, I’m taking ME out of the picture.  Today I am living for my ladies in the Favelas who work damn hard to make life happen for themselves and their families.  Though I am not there with them, I am thinking about them and every action I do today is for them.  Every action I do today is for them.  From how I speak to my manager to what I eat, it’s about them.

Today I am living for my people in the Favelas!  Who other than yourself are you living for today?



Over the past few years I have seen friendships come and go. It is an interesting thing to watch friends you have known for years and who have pledged allegiance to you and promised you that they would be in your life forever, leave.

Perhaps it is an unreasonable thing to believe a friend will be in your life for forever, which is why the phrase “a reason, a season or a lifetime,” was penned. I have broken up with friends that I loved dearly, even bested, and those friends dropped off the face of the earth without a word, only to pop back into my life whenever they wanted something or needed information. Then, they would pop back out again until finally they were unwelcome.

Others you have seen through thick and thin and shared theirs and your most intimate of details, crying with them when they broke up with their beaux – “what would I do without you?” They asked with red eyes and tear strained faces. You were there when they found their husbands; some friends actually had you try to date their pre-husbands or go out to some “large high school senior event” with these guys before they dated and fell in love with them. You were also there to see them have their first child, only to later be excluded from participating in their lives and left out in the end. No longer a necessity.

Why is it that people lose themselves in their lives and forget how important their friends were to them? Were you, was I, were we really not that important? That may be true, but then was it all a game to just bide time until they got what they wanted elsewhere.  Are we sometimes just fillers? Priorities change, no doubt, but it is amazing to me how quickly we as a fill-in get dropped from people’s lives. With all the people who I have met, I’m sure they were all there for some purpose – some as blatant as day and some not yet revealed. Some revelations, I can do without…I really just prefer to forget…hahaha! F’ing crazies. Yes, I’m still talking about just friends.

Then you have your ones that you broke up with briefly only to return to them because even when you hated them (one or two you may have actually tried to hit or kill), you loved them and those friends became family – a sister or brother from another mother, for real. These are the ones that got married and had children and make (present tense) sure that you are included in everything. They adore you and fly halfway around the world when your heart is broken because they know, you would do the same. They are the ones who find their beaux and worry about not finding time for you, so they email you, text you, call you and invite you to their house to catch up.  They are the ones that travel with you on adventures to discover who you are and expose you to a whole other way of being.  They are the ones that you send notes to all day, even if only in your head.  They are the ones that you always got defense for because they will “bust a cap in someones a$$” should someone mess with you.  You know who you are!

Recently, I had a BBQ at my parents home and invited my friends. When you are invited to “my house” you quickly become family because my family know that I only bring people near and dear to me to that house. For example, I have only ever brought one date home to meet my family and I got engaged to that person years later. See the seriousness.

As these people were gathered together for food and libations, I was happy to have them together. It was better than the wedding reception I never had because these people loved me and were there to spend time with me. Not to see what dress I chose or theme I had or if there was a cocktail hour. They were there to have a good time with me and with each other.

I’m sure that there are “seasons” and “reasons” somewhere in this group, but my optimistic heart hopes that I will know these people for “a lifetime.”

Communing with the Universe

I know…it’s been a while, but I’m back!
I took my vision board down. I had a mind to do it many times before because even though the images of what I wanted were on there, they just didn’t move me. I’ve always thought of myself as a visual person, and majoratively I am, but for some reason, this just wasn’t doing it for me. I would look at it, but I wouldn’t feel it. So, I took it down and ripped everything off of it (lovingly) and chucked it, then placed the large board away to perhaps use at later date.

Instead, I put a much smaller board on my wall and left it blank and decided that when inspired and moved by something, I would put something up there.

So, on one very warm day driving home, I came to realization that me and the universe just weren’t communicating well.  In order to commune properly with the universe in a way that make me feel like we were in touch I had to correct how we were communicating.  For many years now I truly feel like I have focused on the things I wanted. Envision them…Physically react to them… I write romance so I think about romance all the time, but is romance in my life? Negative. So, I guess we’re not communicating well.

The writer came out at that moment and so I decided to write the universe a letter about what the “deally” was going on. Why? Well, because I connect to the word more than any other form of expression, be it orally or visually. I didn’t stop there though. I took out my feather pen and ink and the best paper I could find. I then wrote a letter slowly and deliberately, dipping the pen into the ink, making accurate calligraphy strokes and affirming what I needed to say in language as precise as possible. It took me some time, but, it was fantastic. I felt like Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice writing to Jane.

I then folded the letter and wax sealed it with a fleur de lis stamp (because in my head I’m royalty) and tacked it on my blank and unimpressive corrugated board. The funny thing is that I look at it often and I remember and focus on the delicately chosen words therein. I have realized that I spend more time thinking about what I wrote to the universe and feel it more than anything I ever previously put on my old board. Will this help me to commune with the universe better? More frequently? Accurately? I don’t know, but I feel as though I have done something much more aligned with expressing and connecting to my dreams and goals than the visual interpretation.

In honoring my mode of communication, I honored myself.