21 Day Detox Madness

For those of you who have not yet made the transition, you can catch me at Jnwelsh.com I’m still going guys!

JN Welsh

I started a 21 Day Detox called the Ultimate Reset on January 1st.  I had to stop the bleeding from the holidays, but more than that, I had read so many good things about the detox that I thought it was a great way to start 2015.

As a writer that sits most of the time (or on my bed cross-legged as I write the yummy stuff, I know that we as a group tend to struggle with weight, so I try my best to do what I can to travel through life with a healthy mind, body and spirit and encourage other do that.  In addition to being a writer I am also a wellness coach, helping those around me understand the connection between good health (fitness and nutrition) and achieving your goals!

The detox was VERY challenging in the beginning. I laugh at my first video because I went…

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Not Quite 365 Days – Journal Entry – November 27 through December 261

Nov 27 – December 31 –  Days 298 thru 361

A Year of Results
What a year it has been!  I know I am not quite there, but it’s ok. I must say that the journey this year has had its highs and lows.  I didn’t finish the year off as strong as I would have liked.  Old habits die-hard and I didn’t have exercise to back me up for the last month due to a knee/hamstring injury I have been nursing.
Nutrition and exercise work hand in hand, but I really needed to put the fork down at some points!! LOL.  However, I am not  discouraged!  I have lost 53 lbs this year!  Whoohoo!  I know I can get to my goal in 2015.
Thanks to everyone who had helped support me this year.  You likes and comments really kept me going and I appreciate it so much.
PiYo To the Rescue
I started doing PiYo and though it’s different from what I’m used to, I love it and I NEED it!  I feel like I am getting strong with it.  I still get after workout pain, but it doesn’t last and I feel more loose throughout the rest of the day.  I sweat a lot doing PiYo which is an amazing.  It really is all about building strength and flexibility to help you with other workouts, running and athletics.  I see the beauty!
Final Results
Weight loss:  53 lbs. down!
Waist: 7.5 inches
Chest: 3.75
Right Arm: 3.25
Left Arm: 2.75
Right Thigh: 5.5
Right Thigh: 5.5
(total inches 28.25 – WHHAAAAHHHTTT?)
What I Have Learned
I have learned that I am a strong woman who can over come the obstacles before me. I have a drive and laser like focus when I’m working out that is pretty crazy!  I have truly learned to love the challenge!  It’s almost like an addiction that I’m ok with. haha I have done some things in my workouts that I have literally watched on TV and said, “Chyah, right!”  This year I was doing them.
I learned that even though I have developed some great habits, I still have a lot to overcome because old habits like to creep back up on me from time to time.  I have also learned that support and accountability is so important and though I started my journey without it, I couldn’t have gotten this far without it!
So the journey continues.
THANK YOU AGAIN FOR HELPING ME THROUGH THIS JOURNEY!!  My fitness journey for 2015 will continue on JN Welsh Blog mostly so I hope you guys follow me there as well.
Wishing you all the best for an awesome 2015!

Nutty Chorizo Egg Fried Rice Salad

This looks so good! I couldn’t help myself. I had to share it!

Homemade With Mess

It’s probably pretty clear from recent blog posts that my current food obsession is chorizo, I seriously cannot get enough of it! I also find it great because unlike most meat products it doesn’t go out of date within a few days of buying it; so there’s no advance planning to take it out the freezer or making sure it’s eaten on time – it’s therefore the perfect store cupboard meaty ingredient. I also find that it stands out and is super delicious in so many dishes; from pasta to risotto, omelettes and in wraps (the list is actually endless). I would imagine that most of you wouldn’t have casually thought of it as a match with egg fried rice, but after this recipe it could definitely be a new firm favourite – we loved it!!

return 038

Serves 3-4

  • 120g brown rice – cooked according to pack instructions
  • 100g chorizo…

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Journal Entry – Sept 17 through 24

Sept 17 thru 24– Days 256 thru  263

P90x3 – Week 3 and Transition Week

WTH (cleaned up version) Tony Horton! LOL. I sound like Katt Williams!!!! Week 3 went well. I didn’t feel like I was 100% nailing the workouts but I felt overall improvement. Then transition week hit and I am in a constant state of soreness. Legs my friend, no matter how much I try to stretch it out and hot shower massage it, feel like someone beat the $h!t out of me from my knees to my chest!

This is a good thing! I AM WORKING and literally shredding the muscle.

Weigh In & Stats 

When I take my measurements, I am still not sure I’m doing it in the exact same place and let me tell you an inch makes a difference especially on thighs and arms.  So, this is what’s going to happen.  I’m only going to take these measurements once a month like suggested.  I will keep posting the weight loss every week.

Weight: 1 lb (loss)
Waist: 1/4 inch gain
Chest: no change
Right Arm: no change
Left Arm: 1/4 inch gain
Right Thigh:1 1/4 inch gain ?? (see what I mean)
Left Thigh : 1 1/4 inch gain (obviously a location issue…lol)

A Really Good and Quick Chicken Recipe

So, you know that I go all in with my workout and nutrition.  Well, P90 was recently released.  P90 is going all the way back to the beginning to help introduce people to extreme fitness. You can think of it as a precursor to all the P90x workouts.  I was on Tony’s page and he had a video for a really quick meal that I really wanted to share because it was so fast and easy and looked tasty. Check it out.