Journal Entry – October 9 through 15

Oct 9 thru Oct 15– Days 278 thru  284

P90x3 Week 6

Writing down what I am eating and the calorie count is really helping me. I’m still struggling to meet the high caloric intake especially with quality calories, but I am doing a lot better during the week, even on the weekend. That is with the exception of Sunday.  I attended a Fall Festival on Sunday and it was amazing, but the food choices were less than ideal.  It’s a festival after all and I had to be there with my students who adore.  I tried to stick to soup and corn and for the most part I did ok, but I was hungry and not prepared with my own snacks and food.  I had to attend a birthday right after and I kind of went overboard there.  The food was good and I had little inhibition.  I wrote it all down! It was ugly, but I wrote it down….LOL

Next week is the transition week.  It’s a tough week, but it good to whip you awake. I’m also going to be doing a little something different with my nutrition.  I think it’s going to be AMAZING, but I also feel like these workouts coming up in Block 3 are about to get super extreme.


Weekly Weigh In

The scale headed in the right direction this week so I’m happy about that.  This weigh in was before Sunday, so I am a little concerned with the treacherous weekend eating.

Weight: 2lb loss

I already have some water retention and bloating issues (TMI), but it will pass.  I’ll let you know what occurs with my results on my next weigh in. This week, however, we have success.


Holiday 20 (H20) is Off and Running

The clock started on October 13th and will run through December 28th.  It’s exactly 11 weeks.  The group officially started and I am looking forward to losing 20 lbs because it will help me pass some milestones .  I think that it’s gonna be a real challenge but that it is possible.  I am determined and so are my challengers.  It’s so cool that I can help people stay accountable with their health and fitness.  I’m glad that I mess up here and there and that I’m not perfect because I am like so many out there who are making it happen despite the pitfalls and going for it!


Pumpkin Chia Almond Butter

I love ending my posts with a recipe, but I have to tell you the story first.  Recently a friend of mine make greek yogurt with almond butter and I was pretty surprised by how delicious this was.  I didn’t even miss the sweetness from say agave or stevia.  It was creamy and tasty. I tried it a second time and added apple and cinnamon because it’s AUTUMN!

So when I came across this beauty of a recipe I had to share it.  It had me at pumpkin and all I have been doing since is dreaming about how good this must taste.  I may make it this weekend!  Oh yes, this is a new favorite, even though I haven’t even tried it yet!  You can easily make this at home, too! Enjoy!




Journal Entry – October 2 through 8

Oct 2 thru Oct 8– Days 271 thru  277

P90 week 5

Still feeling it! I realized when doing some of these exercises that I am not using a heavy enough weight, which means I have gotten stronger! Yay!! Did I tell you already that I’m in love with Block 2? Well it’s worth repeating…haha

I have noticed a significant change in my stamina. This is from doing things around the house to walking up a few flights of stairs or up steep hills and wondering why my breathing is still quite normal! No joke!  I am actually looking forward to redoing the fit test at the end of the program in another month or so.


Counting Calories

You know I hate this right? I’m doing it. Why? Because I was noticing that I was either getting too many or too little calories. It’s a painful process sometimes but other times I feel quite knowledgeable knowing off-hand how much a half a banana is or a cup of kale or a tablespoon of Chia seeds is. I’m a brania, right now! It has been paying off as well.


Weekly Weigh in and Transformation

Here are the weigh-in for the week with gratuitous trans formation pic.

Weight loss 3.5 lbs.



Not bad given that I had gained last week but I’m feeling in the groove now. I know calories in and out and my workouts only increase that. I feel more in control and maybe this was the step I needed to take to get over the hump and into a new perspective about my nutrition and fitness routine!


Recipe Alert

I posted this on IG yesterday. If you are not yet a follower, check me out. My @ is jn_welsh and is also on the photo. I used Shakeology for this recipe but you can use whatever protein powder or meal replacement shake (better) you like. Also, if you add a half a banana, it’s even better.  Have a great week and weekend my blogosphere fellows!


Nutty Chorizo Egg Fried Rice Salad

This looks so good! I couldn’t help myself. I had to share it!

Homemade With Mess

It’s probably pretty clear from recent blog posts that my current food obsession is chorizo, I seriously cannot get enough of it! I also find it great because unlike most meat products it doesn’t go out of date within a few days of buying it; so there’s no advance planning to take it out the freezer or making sure it’s eaten on time – it’s therefore the perfect store cupboard meaty ingredient. I also find that it stands out and is super delicious in so many dishes; from pasta to risotto, omelettes and in wraps (the list is actually endless). I would imagine that most of you wouldn’t have casually thought of it as a match with egg fried rice, but after this recipe it could definitely be a new firm favourite – we loved it!!

return 038

Serves 3-4

  • 120g brown rice – cooked according to pack instructions
  • 100g chorizo…

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Journal Entry September 25 through October 1

Sept 25 thru Oct 1– Days 264 thru  270


I had to start this entry off with a delectable recipe for Autumn!  I am going apple picking this weekend so I am super excited to make this.  The thought of roasted apples sounds super yummy and gives me a lot of ideas for other healthy recipes.  Again if you are not a pork eater, go for chicken or even a heartier fish.


Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Onions


P90x3 – Week 5  – Block 2

I LOVE Block 2 so far.  I have only done 2 days and when x3 Yoga came up for Wednesday, I was so happy because I was so sore that when I got out of bed to workout, I nearly cried at the thought of doing anything that looked or sounded like a pull-up, chin-up burpee, squat or….let’s just say all exercises! Haha.  The yoga felt really good! Funny thing is that I’m totally happy because I know my body is getting WORKED!

So, I am going to be honest about my eating.  I fell off with the alcohol and some treats over about 2 days and I sort of paid for it because it was close to my weigh in.  Oh well.. I have to report the good with the bad.  And this is BAD!  LOL.  This week will be a better week come STATurday!

Weight:  3 lb gain

It looks so lonely there doesn’t it?  As previously advertised I will be reporting my measurements only once a month as recommended.  So for the next 4 weeks you’ll be seeing the weight all by its lonesome.


Some of you know that one of my first posts of the year, when I first started my fitness journey, was about gaining 20 lbs during the holiday season!  Well this year my goal is to LOSE 20 lbs during this holiday season  between October 13 and December 28.  I am putting it out there and if you want to join me let me know.  I am running an online fitness challenge group on Facebook called Holiday 20 (H2O), for anyone wanting to participate.  Contact me for details and cost in the comments!


Journal Entry – Sept 17 through 24

Sept 17 thru 24– Days 256 thru  263

P90x3 – Week 3 and Transition Week

WTH (cleaned up version) Tony Horton! LOL. I sound like Katt Williams!!!! Week 3 went well. I didn’t feel like I was 100% nailing the workouts but I felt overall improvement. Then transition week hit and I am in a constant state of soreness. Legs my friend, no matter how much I try to stretch it out and hot shower massage it, feel like someone beat the $h!t out of me from my knees to my chest!

This is a good thing! I AM WORKING and literally shredding the muscle.

Weigh In & Stats 

When I take my measurements, I am still not sure I’m doing it in the exact same place and let me tell you an inch makes a difference especially on thighs and arms.  So, this is what’s going to happen.  I’m only going to take these measurements once a month like suggested.  I will keep posting the weight loss every week.

Weight: 1 lb (loss)
Waist: 1/4 inch gain
Chest: no change
Right Arm: no change
Left Arm: 1/4 inch gain
Right Thigh:1 1/4 inch gain ?? (see what I mean)
Left Thigh : 1 1/4 inch gain (obviously a location issue…lol)

A Really Good and Quick Chicken Recipe

So, you know that I go all in with my workout and nutrition.  Well, P90 was recently released.  P90 is going all the way back to the beginning to help introduce people to extreme fitness. You can think of it as a precursor to all the P90x workouts.  I was on Tony’s page and he had a video for a really quick meal that I really wanted to share because it was so fast and easy and looked tasty. Check it out.

Journal Entry – Sept 9 through 16

Sept 9 thru 16– Days 248 thru  255

P90x3 – Week 2

I’m halfway through Block-1 of the program already!!!  The 90-Day program is split into three Blocks.  You can equate a Block to a 3-week schedule of the same workouts with a transition week (new workouts) before going into the next Block (more new workouts).  Oh yeah!  Body confusion is in full effect!

I still can’t do chin ups and pull-ups unassisted.  SURPRISE!!  haha.  I LOVE the program so I’m ok with that.  I think that will come eventually.  Two things have to happen: 1) I need to get lighter and 2) I need to build upper body strength.  So I’m not beating myself up over that too much.  However, there is one move that I am officially calling my “challenge move.”


It’s called Plow/Halasana.  You do it out of the Boat Pose and you just alternate between the two. This Plow move seems to be the one move that I think to myself, “Why the F#$% can’t I do this one?”   I’ll tell you why…FEAR anD FLEXIBILITY (with a side of abdominal strength)!!!

I have never tumbled as a child at least not to my recollection.   When I was old enough to have memories, I remember always fearing somersaults.  Well, when you do this move it’s like being stuck in somersault in a sense.  If you look at the image above, that shows the range of motion for this move, #2 of the four figures is where I’m at.  It may as well be #1.  Hahahaha.

I’m not discouraged.  My goal is to get to image #3 because if I try to do image #4, my ‘lady lumps’ will be on my forehead and I would have suffocated myself. 🙂 I will conquer this move by he end of this program.

Running is Off the Menu

I have stopped running regularly so that I can focus on P90x3.  I wanted to know what was going on with my body and workouts without the additional stresses from other workouts.  So, running is off the menu – for now.  It also gives my feet and joints a break from the pounding of a 40 -60 minute runs I was doing.

STATurday Results

Stats were ok this week.  Pretty normal for me and I’m glad that most everything has either gone down or stayed the same.  No complaints here, except for one.

Weight: 1.5 lb (loss)

Waist: 1/4 inch loss

Chest: no change:  (WTH? no movement for 7 weeks!)

Right Arm: no change

Left Arm: no change

Right Thigh: 1/4 inch loss

Left Thigh : no change

Journal Entry – Sept 1 through September 7

Sept 1 thru 7– Days 240 thru  247

P90x3 – Week 1

Holy cow!  Which part of me thought that this was a good idea!  LOL.  Actually this is a really great program. If I told you that I didn’t have my doubts after failing miserably to do one pull-up, I would be lying!!  This is a serious program designed to work you hard and good in 30 minutes.  It works muscle groups that I knew existed, but never worked like this before.  Wow!

From plyometrics, pull up/chin ups and  yoga to military presses and Pilates, this program has it all.  It really does cover a wide range of exercises and your body is constantly confused because the workouts change.  I was a little bit excited to see what was next, but scared as well, haha.  There are modifications, but I have to further modify some stuff like using a chair to assist with pull ups and chin ups or yoga blocks to help with some of those moves.

I stuck with the week and it got more challenging, but I was motivated and ready to go everyday. Sore and all!

The nutrition plan is GREAT.  I was really surprised by how much more food I was required to eat.  Was I not eating enough before?  This was almost twice as much! What is really cool about the program is that there are a lot of explanations and literature so that you understand why you are doing certain moves.  Learning about the science behind it is quite the learning experience.


I thought it would be complicated, but it really is very simple:  Exercise and eat well.  This is a first class program that really is geared toward getting results, just like with all Beachbody programs.

I’m really excited to see my results every 30 days (which is suggested), but most of all what my results will be like after 90 Days!


Stats and Weigh In

So I definitely loss this week but  though I normally only weigh in once a week I did experience about a 3 lbs gain between now and my last post so though I lost 5 lbs it rounds down to 2 lbs with the gain.

Weight: 2 lb (loss)

Waist: 1/4 inch loss

Chest: no change

Right Arm: no change

Left Arm: no change

Right Thigh: no change

Left Thigh : 1/4 inch gain ?

Need a Pre-Workout?

Well here is a neat recipe I found that uses you basic coffee.  Try it and let me know if it gives you that kick you need for you workout.

Star-buffs shake

1 cup iced coffee

1 scoop chocolate whey protein

Have a good one guys!